DC Comics reviews 11/15/22 – Nightwing #98, Batman Superman World’s Finest #9

Stargirl The Lost Children #1


In last week’s Golden Age special, writer Geoff Johns crammed a ton of information in a time hopping story establishing the new status quo of the Golden Age heroes and their forgotten sidekicks.

This was a major shift from Johns’ previous forward thinking approach where he created the legacy heroes of the future rather than this massive a retcon.

Focusing the story on Stargirl and Red Arrow’s quest to find these forgotten children was a smart move. Johns also did his trademark work of making lower tier characters more important with just a little attention and love. This time it’s Dyna-Mite, the sidekick to TNT. Johns’ character development skills haven’t eroded and he’s still one of the best at character interaction.

Joining him is Todd Nauck, an artist renowned for his youthful take on teen heroes. Nauck brings a sense of vibrant old school energy to the pages and Matt Herms’ colors provide an inviting bright color palette.

This was an encouraging debut for this six-issue mini-series. While Johns’ end game for these lost legacy heroes is still in question, the mystery in getting there is intriguing.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10