DC Comics reviews 11/15/22 – Nightwing #98, Batman Superman World’s Finest #9

The Flash #788


The Flash equation remains very simple — writer Jeremy Adams + artist Fernando Pasarin with inker Matt Ryan + colorist Jeromy Cox and letterer Rob Leigh equals a title you can’t skip.

Wally and Linda are still reeling from the news she’s pregnant. Adams has solidly locked down the family dynamic of the West household. It’s wild to think of how much restoration had to be done to Wally post Heroes in Crisis.
Mayor Wolfe has his own redemption project in mind as he deputizes The Rogues to enact law and order. And in case a certain non-deputized speeder gets in their way? Flash better watch out.
Adams shows such an impressive comprehensive knowledge of The Flash and his supporting characters while still making way for new co-stars like Mr. Terrific.
Pasarin’s art is so good. The emotions he brings out of the characters is outstanding and the details packed into every panel is commendable. Ryan doesn’t shortchange that detail either allowing Cox’s colors to pop.
This new arc seems like it’ll be a memorable one — it’s hard to go wrong with The Rogues in a prominent role.
The quality of The Flash isn’t a surprise at this point. It’s just a matter of what lane this creative team wants to take us on.
Rating: 10 out of 10