DC Comics reviews 11/22/22 – DC vs Vampires #11, Human Target #9

Action Comics #1049


Philip Kennedy Johnson’s run-on Action Comics probably isn’t getting the amount of fanfare as it deserves. This has been a smooth and immensely satisfying take on The Man of Steel. Now that Superman is back on Earth, Johnson is incorporating some elements from the Warworld storyline with the new status quo making for an exciting fresh era of Action Comics.

Superman is clashing with the New Gods to protect one of his new “adopted” kids whose power has even Metron and Orion concerned. During the Warworld arc, Superman’s powers were gone so it’s nice to see him more than holding his own against some of the most powerful beings in the DCU.

Lex Luthor is still working on his machinations with Metallo, but he’s got another agent in the field Superman doesn’t know about.

Mike Perkins’ art still isn’t quite as streamlined as previous Action Comics artists. It’s rougher and during fight scenes is somewhat hard to follow. Colorist Lee Loughridge’s choices of deep oranges, reds and yellows reflect well against the black, blue and green colors also added to the mix.

Action Comics has been consistent and picked up even more steam with the Kal-El Returns arc. The inevitable clash with Metallo should be well worth the buildup even as we know Luthor still has more up his sleeve.

Rating: 9 out of 10