DC Comics reviews 11/22/22 – DC vs Vampires #11, Human Target #9

The Human Target #9


Among the frustrating aspects of Human Target is how writer Tom King has the various members of the Justice League International patiently wait their turn to confront Christopher Chance.

As a team, at the very least they should be pairing up to go after the Human Target. This would make it infinitely tougher for King to explain how Chance could always outwit, outthink and outmaneuver his superpowered adversaries. Basically, King writes Chance vs. a training wheels version of the JLI.

Another annoyance is Chance always seems to know who’s next on deck to confront him. Maybe he gets an advance copy of the script to know this issue’s opponent is Batman?

King’s take on Ice continues to be so weird and off that she might as well be another character. Yes, yes Black Label non-continuity, etc. but what’s the point of using character likenesses and writing them completely out of character? This time, Ice is mad that Chance lied to her so naturally she creates a patch of ice on the road for the, to slip and crash. Why? It doesn’t have to make sense. It’s all about the drama.


Just like the back end of his Batman run, King fails to craft a compelling romance storyline. The only way this works is if Ice is running some long con on him. Otherwise, her interest and attraction feels more storyline forced as opposed to something that naturally develops.

Greg Smallwood’s art remains the shining beacon in this series. Smallwood’s emotive characters and smooth layouts effectively tell this story at times better than King’s dialogue.

King throws in a random twist at the end that seems far-fetched but offers the chance to salvage the story to a degree.

Human Target maintains its methodical, uneventful pace that largely calls for readers to get invested in two mostly unlikable characters crafted with gorgeous art.

Rating: 5 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics