IDW Publishing reviews 11/23/22 – GI Joe: A Real American Hero #300

The inevitable finally happened. Larry Hama has written his last issue of GI Joe A Real American Hero…for IDW?

Yes, it seems the hopes and wishes of legions of Joe fans won’t be dashed. GI Joe isn’t over.

For the IDW finale, Hama ends this run with the payoff he’s been building for months now. I won’t spoil it if you hadn’t pieced it together but for those of us who were hoping the clues we were reading were correct it was glorious. And maybe a bit more emotional than expected.

Serpentor Khan is leery of Dr. Mindbender’s latest experiment and it turns out with good reason as it goes completely the exact opposite way Mindbender intended.

GIJoeRAH300-cover A

Meanwhile, Storm Shadow and Wade are fighting a platoon of Cobras while awaiting reinforcements.

Good thing Scarlet and Stalker have a very good reason for returning to Cobra Island. Revanche is sizing up its losses and knows a losing hand when it sees it leaving the Cobra High Command remnants in a bad way.


SL Gallant always seems to have more fun when he’s drawing high intensity action sequences. Hama gives him and inker Maria Keane plenty to handle this issue. Colorist J Brown takes full advantage of the daytime setting in using a brighter color palette.

Neil Uyetake’s clean lettering also helps to keep the flow of the dialogue easy to follow.

With this era of the run completed it’s time to go back and revisit the storylines in collected formats.

The IDW run had plenty of memorable moments, but it’s hard to argue that Hama didn’t save the best for last.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: IDW

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