WWE Basic Series 122 Chelsea Green review

Chelsea Green presented a collecting conundrum. She had a blink and you missed it stint in NXT. Got moved to the “main roster” and then got injured before quickly getting released. Fortunately she was on the roster just long enough to get a figure from Mattel. Unfortunately that figure was a Basic.

Apparently my appreciation for the former Hot Mess has me going back into Basic collecting again. Let’s see if I’ll remember I’m All Elite (heh heh) with my WWE figure purchases.

Packaging:  The Basic packaging seems like it’s been using this large portrait with the white and red accents for years. That’s probably not true and it’s not like Mattel needs to devote any time on this packaging. In peg searching, I do like the larger text of the figure’s name and portrait so it’s relatively easy to see from the sides.

The Basic mindset carries on to the back with the sell through lineup of the other figures in this wave. As always, I’d prefer some form of text/bio, but I get it with the Basic line. No frills, no articulation, no bio.

Likeness: Getting the women head sculpts just right has been an ongoing challenge for Mattel. Sasha Banks still hasn’t had a great one while Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch have had more than one terrific sculpts. Chelsea definitely fits in the latter category. This head sculpt is fantastic.

wwe basic chelsea green review - wide shot

That’s likely due to Chelsea having very distinct features — dimples, a plastic surgery free prominent nose and a slightly wider forehead that are easier to capture for a better likeness. Chelsea models as well as wrestling and the fact she doesn’t look cookie cutter helps her to stand out, which is true for her figure.

Mattel also did a good job with her hair. It’s somewhat curly, but not overly so that it’s bouncing off her shoulders. This execution is tough, but Mattel pulled it off to get the natural look.

wwe basic chelsea green review -waving

For the most part the rest of the figure is the standard blank body with paintwork filling in the details. Mattel did sculpt Chelsea’s unique tall boots. That’s definitely a part that would have been included on an Elite figure with a little retrofitting for the ankle articulation point.

Paint: Chelsea didn’t have a stock outfit as she wore various colorful attires. As an old school fan, I appreciated the variety of her ring gear.

chelsea green -dark green and purple

For this one, Mattel went with a relatively simple design with lavender, pink and white. Lavender isn’t an overused color scheme for Mattel so this was a nice choice. The light pink sections needed more paint applications to stand out stronger and there’s some runoff on the “short” border.

Chelsea actually managed to get a chase figure with the same half singlet crop top just in all black.

The True FX really help with the paint applications for the head sculpts. Eyebrow shading, lashes and subtle eyeliner are things that were hard to get right, but they’re perfect on Chelsea.

Her teeth could use one more hit of white paint, but beyond that the head sculpt turned out perfect. That’s important for potential customizers.

wwe basic chelsea green review - scale with charlotte flair and alexa bliss

Scale: Chelsea is 5’7″ so she’s looking up at the 5’10” Charlotte Flair and looking down at the 5’4″ Liv Morgan and 5’1″ Io Shirai. She’s noticeably shorter than Charlotte, but Chelsea needed to be taller compared to Alexa Bliss.

wwe basic chelsea green review - facing charlotte flair and alexa bliss


wwe basic chelsea green review - big boot to alexa bliss

Articulation: As a rule, I try not to bash the Basic articulation. It’s streamlined for cost purposes and not for the most exciting wrestling figure on the shelves. That said, Chelsea is fine for museum posing, but if you’re trying to do any of her moves it’s gonna be a problem.

wwe basic chelsea green review - camel clutch to alexa bliss

WWE Basic Chelsea Green has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • knee

wwe basic chelsea green review - clothesline to charlotte flair

Accessories:  Basics don’t traditionally come with accessories. The only option that would have made sense would have been Chelsea’s sheer skirt piece. No doubt Mattel would have included that with an Elite figure.

Worth it?  Chelsea was $10. That’s cheaper than paying a customizer for a 3D printed head sculpt of Chelsea, let alone fully painted. For what you’re getting with a Basic figure she’s a decent value.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Paintjob sloppiness and the general limitations of the Basic articulation aside, Chelsea’s one and done figure from Mattel is pretty solid.

wwe basic chelsea green review - posing

Where to get it?  I found Chelsea and the rest of Basic Series 122 at Walmart. You should be able to find her with no trouble at Amazon.

Photo Credit: WWE.com