Stargirl – Frenemies Chapter 10: The Killer review S3 E10

Everything was definitely not coming up roses for two characters. In the wake of last week’s episode, a cool down made sense though not as literal as I expected. And not everyone of the extended cast makes it out alive.

The big theme of this season has been grief and regret and how it’s caused the characters to act to certain extremes. Yolanda over not being able to tell her parents the truth and resenting it and how she won’t let a threat like Cindy or Cameron disrupt her extended family.

With Rick it’s the regret of trashing his hourglass. Sylvester wants payback against the ISA for killing his buddies while Cindy is dealing with her daddy issues and the mistrust she keeps fostering with the JSA.

stargirl chapter 10 the killer review - pat and courtney

And Courtney? She’s facing Cameron’s grief head on as well as her own role in her boyfriend’s heartache. But no characters are as grief-stricken as Lily and Sofus, which still doesn’t excuse Lily killing poor Mr. Deisinger.

Crusher and Paula consider payback against the Mahkents after they hurt Pat, Barb and the kids since they’re the only friends they’ve had.

Courtney confesses to Cameron that Jordan wasn’t a great dude, but Cameron questions why he had to die. Well…about that.

stargirl chapter 10 the killer review - cameron

Cameron asks who did it and rather than snitch her brother out, Courtney says she killed him. That clearly would sting more but man does that come off like a big betrayal. Stargirl never shies away from making Courtney look bad. It’s a sign of a series that understands the audience can take and enjoy a flawed hero rather than a perfect one who always makes the right decision. Not coincidentally Stargirl has been the best heroine in the CW Verse.

Crazily, it’s Sylvester who’s the voice of reason in suggesting it was a setup that put the JSA on track to face the Mahkents. But Sylvester’s ruins the moment when they chat with Sofus.

stargirl chapter 10 the killer review - sylvester and pat

Pat was worried Mike and Jakeem were in trouble, but it’s not the Mahkents that’s the threat but a certain albino gorilla. Cindy snares them in a trap she intended for Ultra-Humanite. As always, Cindy is a few steps ahead of everyone else but her biggest downfall remains not sharing it with anyone.

Mike and Jakeem have no such problem when they finally get back home and tell Pat and Sylvester what they say. Time for a JSA meeting. Not everyone is in attendance. Rick is missing after another hourglass-rage incident. At least Beth knows that’s what’s causing his emotions to shift.


One thing that would be more awesome for the show would be to have some action flashbacks of the old JSA fighting some of their classic villains.

The Crocks try and make peace with the Mahkents since they’re in the best position to do so as allies of Jordan and new friends of the JSA. This seems to resonate with Sofus, who agrees to make peace. Lily is reluctant but seems to be heading down that path.

Courtney wants to round up everyone to stop the Ultra-Humanite including the Mahkents. Let’s not push it Court.

stargirl chapter 10 the killer review - yolanda, beth, mike and jakeem

Artemis tells Crusher and Paula she got accepted to Nebraska but they don’t get much time to celebrate as an open Manhunter and Crock signs seems to be inviting them.

Naturally it’s a trap and the true masked man watching everyone reveals himself after stabbing both Paula and Crusher — it’s Jordan who offers a token “at least you get to die together” before freeze flash evaporating them.

The only downside to this death is no one else knows about it since there’s no bodies. Jordan is gonna have to tell everyone what he did instead of evaporating their bodies in front of everyone.

And where does that lead Ultra-Humanite?

This definitely wasn’t a letdown episode after last week. If anything, Stargirl is heating up big time as we approach the final few episodes — booo CW.

Rating; 9 out of 10

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