Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Bonebreaker review

It’s weird how few Marvel Legends Build-A-Figures I completed or cared to complete in 2022. And it’s probably not a coincidence that the two I am working on are the two comic book BAFs. Today I’m looking at the first of the two — The Controller is still a few figures away from completion — the Reaver Bonebreaker.

Hasbro seem to be doing a better job with focusing on completing teams they’ve started. Bonebreaker and the upcoming Pretty Boy are a good example of that since we’ve already got Lady Deathstrike and Skullbuster with some parts for Reece if we wanted.

marvel legends bonebreaker review - tank turrent detail

Short of a deluxe release, the BAF format was the best way to get Bonebreaker in Marvel Legends form. Let’s see if he’s ready to roll or stalls out thanks to faulty execution.

Packaging: No special packaging for a Build-A-Figure. It’s still too bad that Hasbro can’t come up with some artwork and a bio as an insert sheet in the packaging of other figures. I’d love to see David Nakayama‘s take on Bonebreaker.

marvel legends bonebreaker review - wide shot

Likeness: Bonebreaker is a cyborg who decided traditional robot legs were too boring. What’s not boring? Making his lower half a tank. I feel like writing it out like that sounds a little crazy even for comic books, but the Reavers are hardly well-adjusted dudes.

marvel legends bonebreaker review - front

Bonebreaker’s original design was even wilder as his torso was just suspended on a much smaller cart type setup.

The enhanced version is much more of a small sized tank. Hasbro pulled off the look very well. Bonebreaker plugs into the port created by combining the two main tank segments.

marvel legends bonebreaker review - torso placement detail

All of the important aspects of the tank from the worn-down chassis revealing all the damage it’s taken, the paneling and tank treads with a great amount of detail. The damage to the barrels in the back reveal that Bonebreaker hasn’t done the best job protecting his rear even in the slightest.

marvel legends bonebreaker review - rear

Now for the half man himself. I love the head sculpt! It just perfectly conveys the kind of psychotic lunacy of a guy who decided to be a hybrid tank so he could wipe out and roll over more people.

The wide cheery grin is wonderfully deranged and his eyes look appropriately wide eyed and crazy. His Mohawk has a terrific flow as well. Bonebreaker’s base shows the complicated circuitry required to plug him into the tank with no steering console.

Paint:  Hasbro didn’t break the budget with this paint job. It’s overly simple with a base color and not much by way of additional detailing or washes to help show off the work with the sculpt. There’s a few paint apps on the tank like the yellow headlights and the right of the circuit base.

marvel legends bonebreaker review - tank turrent detail

Bonebreaker has a bit more work done on his upper torso. The paintwork with his mouth is superb with the teeth and tongue done very sharp without any sloppiness.

marvel legends bonebreaker review - scale with lady deathstrike and skullbuster

Scale: Bonebreaker is traditionally shown in the comics to be just a few feet smaller than an average size person thanks to the added height from the tank.

marvel legends bonebreaker review - facing lady deathstrike and skullbuster


marvel legends bonebreaker review - about to take aim

Articulation: Bonebreaker has a surprising amount of articulation. He’s got wide shoulders with enough range in the sculpt that he basically has the same degree of movement if he had butterfly shoulder articulation.

marvel legends bonebreaker review - vs wolverine and havok

His torso folds down enough to have him looking down at his victims before crushing them. And his head has great range as well making for some dynamic poses. It would have been sweeter if the treads actually moved or had some wheels underneath.

marvel legends bonebreaker review - reavers beat x-men

Bonebreaker has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist

marvel legends bonebreaker review - vs wolverine

Accessories:  Bonebreaker actually has some accessories. First, he’s got swappable fists.

His sunglasses are removable so you could count them too.

marvel legends bonebreaker review - glasses off

But his main accessory is the big honking machine gun that looks tailor made for maximum carnage.

marvel legends bonebreaker review - aiming gun

Worth it?  This wave sat at Target just long enough for everyone to hit clearance, so Bonebreaker was a lot cheaper BAF to complete than some of the more recent ones. At full price you would get Bonebreaker for close to $140. Definitely getting most of this wave for cheaper made him a great value. Overall, the wave was strong enough that I didn’t feel like I had to buy a loser figure or two just to complete Bonebreaker so overall that was a big win.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

With more elaborate paint work, Bonebreaker would have been an all-time Hasbro era BAF. He’s still really good and a great addition to my collection and Reavers display.

marvel legends bonebreaker review - raising blaster

Where to get it?  I just recently saw a lone Sabretooth at Target, but your best bet is just ordering a case now instead of trying to get lucky with clearance. That set is still available at Entertainment Earth.

Or you can do the Amazon route and get the six figures needed to complete Bonebreaker separately. Most of them are in the $17 price range so that’s a good value.







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