Stargirl – Frenemies Chapter Eleven – The Haunting review S3 E11

We’re in the home stretch of Stargirl’s final season and everything is playing out smoothly for a satisfying conclusion. Plot threads from the first season are popping back up in a logical manner, character actions remain consistent, and the pacing hasn’t felt rushed at all.

First, a flashback to a year ago when the JSA was wrapping its battle with the Injustice Society culminating in Mike smashing Jordan into several little icicle particles.

Not wholly unexpectedly, Jordan didn’t actually die. It just took him a long time to recollect himself. Now he’s ready to reclaim his life after killing Crusher and Paula.

To start, Jordan reunited with his family. Despite his mother being totally cruel to Courtney and killing the poor art teacher, it was kinda nice(?) seeing her overcome with happy emotions seeing her son back from the ‘dead.’

I worried that Jordan’s flash freezing of the Crocks would make it impossible for the JSA to learn of their fate, but the writers came up with a valid explanation. Artemis came by looking for her absent parents and Beth’s goggles tracked down their last bits of frozen organic matter.

stargirl - the haunting review - pat

It was hard not to feel for Artemis, who this side of Courtney and Beth had by far the most supportive and loving family structure in the series. Stella Smith did a fantastic job of conveying Artemis’ heart wrenching grief.

Just as stirring was the reactions from Pat and Barb as Courtney called to update them. While initially reluctant and reserved, both Pat and Barb truly came to appreciate their respective friendships with the Crocks. To learn there wasn’t going to be any more impromptu early morning smoothie sessions or random well-meaning, but awkward interactions was a gut punch.


And on that awkward interaction note, Barb was at work when she got the call just as Jordan returned to the office. Barb isn’t buying Jordan’s peace and love BS directly asking why he killed the Crocks. No explanation was gonna out Jordan in a better light here and he didn’t try but so long.

Jordan did suggest that he wants peace and would lend his aid to stop Ultra-Humanite, who has beef with the ISA for not letting him join.

stargirl - the haunting review - cameron and courtney

This has been an emotional day for everyone. After Jordan told him that it was actually Mike who smashed into him — not Courtney— Cameron reconnects with his ex(?) and they reconcile with a kiss. If ever there was a set of star-crossed lovers in a superhero series this is it. There’s no way this will end well.

Artemis is understandably broken, angry and distraught. In a very nice moment, Barb comforts her and says she’s not gonna let her stay in the Crock home and deal with her grief alone.

It’s been refreshing how Stargirl has made parents a valuable asset to teen superheroes instead of this constant anchor sucking all the fun out of everything. They’re supportive, concerned without being overbearing and overall provide exceptional emotional support.

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Sylvester could probably use some of that support. He’s livid that the man who killed him is still running around killing people. Sylvester isn’t interested in anymore team ups with the ISA. He wants to take Icicle down for good. Hard to argue his points here. Pat gives it a try, but it’s a vain effort.

While Artemis grieves over the loss of her parents, Cameron checks in on his father to find Jordan away from the house. And for everyone buying even for a second Jordan meant anything he said, he casually strolls into the woods awaiting a snarling Ultra-Humanite and tells him ‘It’s time.’

stargirl - the haunting review - jordan

In the comics, the Ultra-Humanite frequently led the Injustice Society so him working with Icicle isn’t surprising. This does raise a few questions like why Jordan wanted to kill off his old allies before taking down the far more vulnerable JSA. And who’s really in charge in this Icicle/UH team up?

Either way, Stargirl is setting the stage for a memorable finale. One that doesn’t seem poised to disappoint beyond the knowledge that this is the last hoorah.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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