DC Reviews 1/17/23 – Batman Superman World’s Finest #11, Nightwing #100

Stargirl The Lost Children #3

Stargirl The Lost Children 3

What this issue lacks in action, Geoff Johns and Todd Nauck more than make up for it with outstanding character work as Stargirl meets the Lost Children.

The Childminder has captured Red Arrow while Stargirl encounters a few sidekicks from the Golden Age. Nauck’s design for Childminder is inspired with an attire and creep factor that goes all the way to 11.

Stargirl has a far more pleasant interaction with her introduction to the Lost Children. Johns shows he’s still a master at crafting unique voices even with large ensembles. Despite the limited page time for the 20+ new additions, Johns gives them all a quick summary spotlight to help inform readers of their personalities and potential quirks. It’s a great example of how writers can provide just enough go intrigue readers and prompt them to call out their favorites.

Nauck’s artwork is so inviting and fun making for one of the better writer/artist pairings going right now at DC. Matt Herms’ vibrant colors adds a lot to the visual presentation.

Superman might not be bursting into saving the day for a last-minute rescue, but Stargirl and her new allies seem poised to take down at his new threat of Childminder and have some classic old school slanting fun in the interim.

Rating: 8: out of 10