Image Comics reviews 1/18/23 – Night Club #2

Night Club is shaping up to be a wholly unique and fun spin on the teen gets superpowers premise.

For starters, writer Mark Millar ditches the guy in the chair concept.

After Danny Garcia gets turned into a vampire and all the super abilities that come with it his fist instinct is to share the power wealth with his best friends Sam and Amy.


That one little twist completely changes the standard dynamic of the teen hero book. There’s no pretense of trying to maintain a secret identity, the eventual reveal of said abilities to BFFs and the inevitable death of one of them when a villain finds out Danny’s identity.

Millar doesn’t just fast track through that path, but instead takes a far more intriguing route.

Most of this issue focuses on Danny training Amy and Sam in a crash course on their abilities.


These segments are where artist Juanan Ramirez gets to have the most fun. Ramirez mixes a hyper dynamic in your face action style so the characters are close up as if they’re leaping off the page with a smoothness to his line work allowing readers to fully take everything in.

Colorist Fabiana Mascolo utilizes bold colors that contrast sharply with the dark, jet blacks to possibly showcase the two worlds the trio lives in as vampires that can function during the day in their superhero gear while being creatures of the night.

Night Club feels like a welcome shift from the traditional teen superhero title. Even without any villain or major story arc established so far this has been a fun title to get invested in already.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics

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