DC Comics review 2/7/23 – Batman #132, Static Shadows of Dakota #1

Gotham City: Year One #5


Tom King is in his writing element with this series — a crime tale of lies, deceit, betrayal and hidden secrets.

This issue, Slam Bradley finally learns the truth on out the disappearance of Helen Wayne and who stood to benefit from her reward.

King is particularly adept in stories where one character can talk for extended periods of time as they explain some pivotal plot point.

What the story might lack in terms of surprises, King makes up for it with snappy dialogue.

Phil Hester’s art continues to be a highlight as he crafts these stunning full-page layouts that provide a savvy shift in perspectives. Combined with Eric Gapstur’s crisp inking and Jordie Bellaire’s rich color choices, the artwork never disappoints. That’s mostly true with this series.

King is in his sweet spot and seems to have a tight grasp on the proper pacing for this story. Nothing feels dragged out and the conversations have meaning beyond casual conversation.

This has been an unexpectedly engaging read. Next issue should finish connecting some major dots in the story.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10