DC Comics reviews 2/21/23 – Superman #1, Nightwing #101

Batman Superman World’s Finest #12


For whatever challenges exist with some DC titles, it’s nice to know Batman Superman World’s Finest remains consistently reliably one of comics’ best reads. The action wasn’t that intense this issue, not unless you count the runaway bowling balls and escaped monkey on the loose, but writer Mark Waid pays off the subplot of Robin and Supergirl’s awkward interactions.

It all stemmed from their first date, which was a thorough disaster on all fronts. In a nice change of pace, Batman and Superman took the backseat to Robin (and Supergirl) mainly playing sounding board as their younger sidekicks broke down the date. It was funny hearing Batman offer dating advice. While the story wasn’t that complex, Waid’s deep love of the characters is apparent. Waid also isn’t afraid of working in other characters in telling the story. Just the mention of Hawkman and Elongated Man was enough to hope for their actual appearances in the title as well as an expanded role for Black Lightning.

Emanuela Lupacchino handles the art this issue and there’s not a drastic drop-off from regular artist Dan Mora. Lupacchino is very skilled at conveying character emotion and in a story with so much reflecting and awkward conversations, that was essential. Wade Von Grawbadger and Norm Rapmund provide the ink work while Tamra Bonvillain’s colors provide a cheery mindset for the story.

Even in a “slow” issue, Batman Superman WF proves to be one of the books you just don’t want to miss any month.

Rating: 10 out of 10