Image Comics reviews 2/22/23 – Junkyard Joe #5, Magic Order Vol. 4 #2

Killadelphia #28


The war between the vampires and werewolves isn’t working out too well for the vampires. Toussaint Louverture’s forces already took out Abigail and George Washington and two other major figures also fall as the battle rages on.

Meanwhile, Anasi travels to hell in a desperate ploy to turn the tide by sparking a war between heaven and hell. Writer Rodney Barnes has reached the part of the story now where newcomers are just going to be hopelessly lost, but longtime readers will appreciate how drastically the status quo is changing.

Jason Shawn Alexander provides the layouts and inks for fill-in artist German Erra Mousepe, who sticks closely to Alexander’s established style for the title. Lee Loughridge handles the colors, which particularly shine in Anasi’s trip to hell.

Killadelphia remains an entertaining read as Barnes is never afraid to shake things up to keep the title unpredictable. This issue definitely upends the story by taking some key players off the board in dramatic fashion as things get even worse for the vampires.

Rating: 9 out of 10