DC Comics reviews 3/7/23 – Adventures of Superman Jon Kent #1, Batman #133

Batman #133


This Multiverse Gotham story has broken up the typical Batman story with enough fresh dynamics that writer Chip Zdarsky is able to pack plenty of surprises.

Now decked out in a piecemeal outfit, Bruce Wayne is back to being Batman and taking out variations of enemies like The Riddler and Two-Face.

Zdarsky suggests a surprise is in store with a tease of Red Mask’s powers all but announcing the final boss won’t be a pushover for Batman and his makeshift gadgets.

Red Mask’s actions tip the scales by bringing another ally to Batman’s side as he prepares to investigate where Gotham’s wretches have been taken.

Artist Mike Hawthorne is providing a very clean style with crisp line work and easy to follow action sequences reminiscent of Rags Morales. Hawthorne also brings out strong emotions in his characters as well. Tomeu Morey’s color work is sharp packed with nice complementary combinations.

The Tim Drake backup story Zdarsky wrote with Miguel Mendonca handling the art and Roman Stevens providing colors, is an efficient and well crafted short that opens up the avenue for Bruce Wayne to return to his rightful world.

Batman has made for an enjoyable read through this latest arc. Zdarsky is having fun playing against the standard Batman Gotham story and these new wrinkles have made for an entertaining stretch of issues.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10