Remember Yesterday review

Remember Yesterday isn’t a great romance film, but the filmmakers and cast’s earnest efforts to make it work are commendable.

Some romance films suffer from being too predictable while others are doomed from a lack of chemistry between the two leads.

Remember Yesterday plays out like a series of barely connected subplots culminating in an ending that pays off the genre obligations while still feeling unearned.

Diner owner Jenny (Jana Allen, Fear Street) has just gotten over the sting of a painful separation from her alcoholic husband (Ron Fallica) when her old flame, John Raymond (Adrian Monte), returns to their sleepy North Carolina town to shoot his latest movie.

A movie shooting in their town has the residents thrilled especially with their hometown boy made good John choosing to shoot at all the familiar town locations. And there’s another motive, which is made to be just as important.

remember yesterday review - bear and Catherine

It seems everyone in the town, from Jenny’s diner employees to John’s lone assistant Bear (Fracaswell Hyman, Malcolm X) immediately seem dialed in on the idea of reuniting these former lovebirds regardless if it seems they’re not a great fit.

Jenny seems to recall their breakup differently than John, who felt practically kicked to the curb to pursue his movie making dream. At least he acted on it. Jenny loved dancing yet lacked the drive and desire to do more with it.


Director/screenwriter J.R. Rodriguez aims for a quaint, quiet romance film, but doesn’t have a good feel for a compelling romance.

Jenny and John’s rekindled relationship has little spark. Perhaps realizing that, Rodriguez fills in the gaps with flashbacks featuring younger actors and a clean shaven Monte to help explain why John and Jenny need to be together.

remember yesterday review - young jenny and john

That doesn’t prove very effective either. Allen and Monte don’t have credible chemistry and aren’t able to sell the passion of this relationship with a couple happily taking advantage of their second chance.

The flashbacks come off more distracting and unnecessary than providing vital background elements to the story.

There’s a few production issues like a boom mic creeping in on a few scenes while dialogue from one scene carries over after the transition to another scene. This feels very much like a passion project for Rodriguez, who would have benefited from some polish to make the film more presentable.

Remember yesterday review - Johnny with Jenny


The cast are game and try their best with the material. They’re earnestly portraying their characters even if most of them come off more like they’re acting. At least they come off likable, which is almost good enough although it’s weird that no one in this southern town has an accent whatsoever.

While well-intentioned, the lack of romantic sparks ultimately wastes Remember Yesterday’s second shot at love.

Rating: 5 out of 10

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