DC Comics reviews 3/14/23 – Justice Society of America #3, Superman Lost #1

Lazarus Planet Revenge of the Gods #1


The Wonder Woman titles have been on a cold streak as of late, but this tie-in to the lackluster Lazarus Planet was unexpectedly very enjoyable.
Emboldened by Hera and the Wizard Shazam’s assassination of Zeus, the gods are creating all sorts of mischief. Their intention is to strike fear into the mortal world prompting a renewed sense of belief in their power.

Wonder Woman and Hippolyta both have to deal with Hera’s treachery on different levels.

Writer G. Willow Wilson, who’s run on Wonder Woman seemed to end just as she was getting comfortable, returns with a story that reinforces her run ended too abruptly.

Cian Tormey’s art is solid with very expressive characters. There’s not an abundance of action, but Tormey also handles those moments well. Jordie Bellaire’s color work is exquisite with so many sumptuous combinations that pop off the page.

Although the cover suggests Billy Batson/Shazam will be a big part of the story, he’s barely featured at all making at best a cameo. This felt like a missed opportunity especially since the new Shazam film arrives in theaters in a few more weeks.

The other story, by the regular Wonder Woman writers Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad, details the fallout of the gods’ displeasure with the Amazons. Themyscara is no longer hidden from men. Alitha Martinez provides the art (with inkers Mark Morales and John Livesay), which is always a treat when she tackles Queen Nubia’s hair and intricate detail like the Amazon armor. Alex Guimaraes also provides some dynamic colors that make what could be a darker story, bright and vibrant.

These two stories offer firm direction for the last big arc of the Wonder Woman titles up until Tom King arrives.

Rating: 9 out of 10