Image Comics reviews 3-15-23 Nemesis Reloaded #3, Nocterra #12

Nocterra #12


It’s been a while since the last regular issue of Nocterra and the creative team comes through shining as bright as ever.

With the rest of Sundog Convoy believing Val sacrificed herself to cover their escape, Em is now the leader. The convoy is still seeking to deliver the equation that will hopefully reverse the shade and the effects of the Big PM.

Over the last three months, their travels have gotten increasingly more challenging with a larger number of shades.

Good thing Val isn’t dead and arrives just in time to provide some relief.

Writer Scott Snyder has pared the cast down enough so the convoy itself is running on fumes. It’d be nice for a few more cast additions to supplement the ranks a bit especially with Blacktop Bill still a major threat.

Artist Tony S. Daniel hasn’t suffered with the hiatus as his expressive characters and dramatic intense action sequences are just as riveting as ever.

Colorist Marcelo Maiolo balances dark blacks with striking contrasting bright colors.

Nocterra has been a fun read and this new arc, with a focused Em, a new role for Val and the constant threat of a Blacktop Bill, the thrills don’t look like they’re gonna end anytime soon.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics