The Mandalorian – Chapter 19 The Convert review S3 E3

Just like episode 5 of The Book of Boba Fett, The Convert had a serious case of bait and switch. At least this chapter of The Mandalorian actually involved the title character so that’s a plus.

Recovered from his drop into the waters in the Mines of Mandalore, Mando takes a vial full just in case The Armorer and crew doubt his story. Before he can return, Bo-Katan’s ship is attacked by Imperial ships.

Dogfights are nearly as big a part of Star Wars lore as lightsabers and this was very well executed. It was also a nice visual departure from the norm to have this fight take part in the daylight as opposed to the usual space backdrop.


Mando makes another crazy drop — this time a controlled one — to get to his ship to help out Bo-Katan and even the odds slightly.

While they finish out that squad, another group of bombers destroy Bo’s castle. She’s not at all pleased and flies after them right into a trap with dozens more fighters. Mando convinces Bo they can’t win this fight and they retreat.

Then we take an unexpected detour to Coruscant where Dr. Pershing is the featured speaker at a New Republic Amnesty program. It’s a redemption initiative designed to gradually reintegrate former Imperial officers back into society.

Pershing does his weekly check-ins and has a menial level job, but he hasn’t really fit in with anyone. He really wishes he could resume his cloning efforts. His mother died because she didn’t have a life-saving cloned organ. Pershing thinks he could accomplish some great things if he could get back in a lab.


Randomly, a group of fellow amnesty members invite him to have some drinks. Among the group is Elia Kane (Katy M. O’Brian, The Walking Dead), who was also on Moff Gideon’s ship.

Elia takes an immediate interest in Pershing, tracking down his favorite snack and  encouraging him to get back into his research…if he had access to a lab. Wouldn’t you know it, she’s figured out a way to get Pershing to a lab where he could resume working on his cloning research via the Imperial Star Destroyers impounded in a junk yard.


After narrowly avoiding capture, they make it to the lab. Elia definitely seems to be throwing out some vibes that she digs Pershing, but it feels too much too soon creating just enough doubt that I can’t trust her.

Eventually that concern pans out as Elia and Pershing leave the Star Destroyer only to get caught by New Republic security. But there’s no they here as Elia reveals she’s been working with security and set Pershing up.

Pershing is back in custody and getting prepped for some ‘light’ reconditioning as Elia watches from an observation deck. When her supervisor leaves, Elia turns up the intensity as Pershing screams and screams.

The weirdly unsatisfying nature of this story detour was the vague resolution. Is Elia an Imperial mole inside the Amnesty Program or just a zealot to take down any possible threat to the New Republic? Would it have been too much to ask for a definitive answer before going back to Mando and Bo-Katan?

Apparently so as we’re back to the outcast Mandalorians heading to the Armorer’s Mandalorian squad. Paz Vizsla not surprisingly doesn’t buy the story, but the Armorer tests the water to verify their claim.


Since Bo-Katan also hasn’t removed her helmet since going into the water, she’s considered redeemed as well. With no family, squad or even a castle, Bo-Katan seems to like the idea of being part of something once again. 

This was an odd episode. Technically it was fine and the book end segments with Bo-Kayan and Mando were great, but the weirdly ambiguous payoff to the Pershing subplot that dominated this installment made for an overall weaker episode.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: Disney