Superman and Lois – Uncontrollable Forces review S2 E2

The challenge for this season of Superman and Lois is going to be balancing the amazing Superman, Lois (and maybe John Henry?) storylines with the frustrating teen subplots. For this series that’s truly the never ending battle.

Things start off on a dramatic note with a dialogue-free montage as Lois gets her cancer diagnosis. That sure seems like a Season 6 or 7 storyline. And it’s also a heck of a downer subplot for the show. Kyle or Lana having cancer would at least make their scenes more bearable.

Superman and Lois - uncontrollable forces review - Lois

Lois has understandably been moody, but for some reason she’s been lying to Clark about going to hang out with her father instead of seeing the doctor.

She and Clark head to Metropolis to chat with the Judge Reagan (Karen Holness) who reduced Henry Miller’s prison sentence. Lois tells the judge the fight at Hobbs Bay created damage in the tens of millions. Seems like every business in Metropolis should have (ahem) super insurance policies.

The former mayor, George, calls Lana with a warning as the hooded figure arrives and kills him. It sure feels like the writers are really trying to create a love triangle subplot with Lana, Kyle and Chrissy. Hard pass.

Sarah and Nat are talking about Nat’s crush back on her Earth. Nat told Sarah about her background on another world?

He’s in Metropolis so Sarah decides they should take advantage of the impromptu free day as the school is getting the mold issue addressed to attend a party in Metropolis to meet this guy.

Breaking down these issues seems like an exercise in frustration, but why not? Why would a Smallville school day off having any bearing on teens in Metropolis? Unless their school was also out for mold problems? When did Sarah and Nat become so tight and why is Sarah now so focused on Nat’s love life?

Superman and Lois - uncontrollable forces review - Sarah and Nat

Nat tells John Henry while Sarah lies to Lana. That seems on brand.

Also, why should we care about this when there’s a hooded killer running around and Lois is dealing with a cancer diagnosis? This is that unfortunate CW clause where 30% of each show has to focus on purposeless teen drama.

Jon and Jordan learn about the party too. The writers decide to bring back Jon’s old girlfriend Eliza instead of him spending skip day with his actual girlfriend Candice. You remember Candice of course as the super drug selling girlfriend that Jon killed the football program to protect?

This is a perfect example of why teen drama subplots are so silly. The writers make it seem like they’re the biggest thing in the world on a show about adults where generally the actual audience is long past the point of being amused by them.

Nat makes a connection with Matteo (Spence Moore II from All American) while the partying teens watch a football game that’s being played during the week? I wonder when the last time the show writers have been to a party and understand when football actually airs.

Jordan runs into a dude bro and Sarah decides to prove her BFF-ness by teaming up for beer pong. And poor Matteo misses another chance to connect with Nat.

Lana wants to tell Sarah about George and heads to John Henry’s, but has to settle for a very early dinner instead.

The idea of John Henry and Lana becoming a thing is less out there than Kyle and Chrissy. John Henry deciphers George’s final message and finds a flash drive with information.

Superman and Lois - uncontrollable forces review - Lana and John Henry

Since Steel is a hero, his subplots are far more interesting even if it seems like a stretch that the hooded woman would be onto them right away to snatch the USB.

Bruno Mannheim calls out Superman. This almost feels like a Superman/Lex Luthor scene, but it’s effective especially since Bruno works in the race card in talking about Suicide Slum and how he’s a hero for people in his community for turning it around. That’s an angle that couldn’t be worked in with Luthor.

Lois spots Judge Reagan at a rooftop planning to end it all and says she can relate to an uncontrollable force. She just found out she has an aggressive form of cancer and says this as Superman is in view/earshot. This is Lois’ All-Star Superman moment and it is terrific.


As expected, Elizabeth Tulloch acted the heck out of this scene. Tyler Hoechlin was also great as he conveys that there are some things even Superman is powerless to stop.

It’s a tremendous scene that just reinforces the series needs 8o% of the screen time focused on these amazing leads and the supporting cast subplots can get the leftovers instead of 50/50 split.

Also, shout out to director Elizabeth Henstridge for making this scene so impactful. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Simmons in front of the screen in Agents of SHIELD, but it’s cool to see she’s still involved in comic book shows to some extent.

Superman and Lois - uncontrollable forces review - Clark and Lois

Bruno and the hooded woman talk about her killing John Henry already.

Jon and Jordan come back from partying and Lois breaks the news to them. It’s the kind of dramatic moment that a show can’t pull out every week but this was really well done.

There was a disproportionate amount of silly teen fluff, but the Superman and Lois subplots as usual saved the day on this episode.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW