WWE Basic Series 120 Scarlett review

Scarlett seemed like an absolute can’t miss entry to the WWE. She’s the epitome of Vince McMahon’s longtime vision of attractiveness and has an early Sunny-like ability to cut promos as a bonafide “Smoke Show” per her Impact gimmick.

Somehow this seeming can’t miss star didn’t have a long initial stint in the WWE, just long enough for Mattel to crank out a few figures. But that’s just as well considering how questionable modern-day WWE booking outside of The Bloodline has been.

And if nothing else, I can add another member to the last NXT era worth celebrating.

Packaging:  The Basic packaging needed an overhaul and it’s coming with the 2022 package scheme. Still, the idea is solid with the big portrait of the character and name making it very easy to see on the pegs.

There’s no bio and just the lineup of the rest of the wave. Mattel was smart with the rollout of Basic Series 120 since Scarlett was paired with her client/boyfriend Karrion Kross.

Likeness: This had to have been one of Mattel’s most challenging head sculpts. Scarlett is gorgeous and that’s not the easiest to convey with a figure.


I think they did get her likeness down, but the expression suggesting she’s about to say something wasn’t the best choice. It makes her come off too innocent whereas Scarlett tended to go heavy on vamping. A slight sneer or closed mouth like the card portrait would have worked better.

wwe basic scarlett review - hand up

It’s always a little puzzling that Mattel opts to drastically size down the chest of the female stars with the figures. Scarlett is decidedly not petite and the lack of a sculpted chest is really weird in this instance.

wwe scarlett

This would be like making Roman Reigns and giving him a Domink Mysterio physique. It’s fine to do more accurate portrayals since these presumed impressionable children wanting figures of these characters are actually seeing them on the shows.

Scarlett constantly changed the flow of her hair, but for this look, Mattel nailed the style with the exception of the missing part. That’s minor stuff though and the hair strands look good and rest along her shoulders properly.

wwe basic scarlett review - bringing arms together

Her thigh high platform boots are sculpted as are her unique clawed gloves.

Paint: For this style, Scarlett’s hair should be a mix of blonde/dirty blonde. No issue at all with the face paint.

Mattel included the detail with her tattoos, which was a nice touch.

wwe basic scarlett review - tattoo detail rear

I’m not exactly sure which outfit of Scarlett that Mattel was going for here as she’s worn several variations of this look. Either way it seems to be missing a lot of the studded detailing save some laces on her shorts and the buckle on her sports bra.

wwe basic scarlett review - tattoo detail side

This is the chase version. The full catsuit version with platinum hair is the standard. It took a while to find her, but I was happy to track this version down since this is more of her regular look.

Scale: Scarlett is 5’5″ so she looks tiny next to the 6’4″ Karrion Kross. Scarlett never really faced off with any of the other women on the roster so her scale is mostly important in the sense that she’s not taller than the 5’11” Finn Balor or 6’2″ Keith Lee.

wwe basic scarlett review - scale with alexa bliss, charlotte flair and chelsea green

She’s way too tall though easily eclipsing women more her height like the 5’7″ Chelsea Green and 5’1″ Alexa Bliss. Scarlett’s figure is actually closer to the 5’10” Charlotte Flair.

wwe basic scarlett review - facing alexa bliss, charlotte flair and chealsea green

Basics aren’t great for much, but this was a seemingly easy aspect of the character to get right and somehow the Mattel WWE Basics team botched that as well.


wwe basic scarlett review - arms out

Articulation: I’m not gonna bash the articulation for Basics. They’re not really supposed to be used for pulling off moves of any kind and are more museum style figures. This figure really can’t do much of anything though and even struggles to put her arms together.

Thankfully she’s a manager so she doesn’t need to do much although good luck trying to pull off even the basic fall and pray pose during Kross’ entrance.

wwe basic scarlett review - kicking alexa bliss

WWE Scarlett has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • knee

wwe basic scarlett review - taunting fans

Accessories:  Basics don’t come with accessories so there’s no shock here.

Worth it?  Scarlett was $10 so that’s the upside to buying Basic characters.

Rating: 6 out of 10

There are too many issues here to earn a great score from the expression, lack of sculpted parts, wonky paint and scale.

wwe basic scarlett review - leaning on ropes

Where to get it?  I found Scarlett and the rest of Basic Series 120 at Walmart, but Target also has had the wave in stock pretty frequently too. You should be able to find her with no trouble at Amazon.

Photo Credit: WWE.com