DC Comics reviews 5/16/23 – Titans #1, The Flash #799, Cyborg #1

Superboy Man of Tomorrow #2


Connor Kent’s latest solo title got off to a promising start, but this follow-up suggests a disappointing direction.

Superboy is in the middle of a conflict with the Khuns and the Cosmoteers, the three cloned metas battling them.

Writer Kenny Porter does a decent enough job establishing the new characters. The problem is Superboy in a solo title was intriguing, but Superboy teaming with three new metas is a problem especially when there’s a better alternative for characters to team up with Connor.

It’s not like the Young Justice cast is busy in some other major event. Porter probably didn’t have access to Tim Drake, Cassie and Impulse, but it’s hard to see Superboy teaming with neophyte characters who aren’t gonna stick around in lieu of Young Justice.

Porter has a solid handle on Connor’s voice even if he’s somewhat miscast here as the voice of reason trying to keep the Cosmoteers in line.

Artist Jahnoy Lindsay has a fun style that works well for Superboy with a nice flair for dramatics and big in your face action scenes.

Superboy was a character who warranted a new title, but this feels more like an effort to make the Cosmoteers a viable new entry in the DC Universe instead of focusing on the under-appreciated Superboy.

Rating: 7 out of 10