Pre-order the McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Flashpoint The Flash figure

This is one of the McFarlane Toys figures that’s been announced so far that I’m very excited about to the point it seems a lock to be among my Top 10. It’s the Flashpoint version of The Flash.

That just basically means it’s the super classic version of the Scarlet Speedster in the style I was hoping McFarlane Toys would do with the DC license all along.

mcfarlane toys dc multiverse the flash -close up

Today, the third member of the Collect and Connect Flashpoint Cyborg wave went up for pre-order along with a slew of new photos.

mcfarlane toys dc multiverse the flash - running


In a freak lab accident. forensic scientist Barry Allen was struck by lightning and doused with chemicals, which gave him the superpowers of the Speed Force. Now he uses these powers to defend his hometown of Central City-and the rest of the world-from the forces of evil as The Flash!


mcfarlane toys dc multiverse the flash - package front

The Fastest Man Alive can run up the sides of buildings. across oceans, and around the world at light speed. He can also vibrate his molecules to phase through solid objects!

mcfarlane toys dc multiverse the flash - accessories

Pre-order The Flashpoint The Flash now at Target. 

Photo Credit: McFarlane Toys