DC Comics reviews 5/23/23 – Nightwing #104, Green Arrow #2, JSA #4

Justice Society of America #4


Give Geoff Johns four issues to write a story and he’s just about guaranteed to hook readers and have them clamoring for more. This marks the fourth issue of this iteration of Justice Society. Huntress is no longer shifting through different timelines and is instead in the modern (?) time period with the current JSA.

This version of the JSA hasn’t been explored much at all, but Johns is excellent at quickly creating a team dynamic and establishing bonds and relationships in a limited amount of time.

Per Degaton’s threat level is massive, but Huntress is proving a wild card he can’t predict. As he’s done in other series, Johns teases a number of potential future events that could come into play in a subsequent issue of JSA.

Mikel Janin handles most of the artwork with some contributions from Jerry Ordway, in a fantastic nod to one of the definitive “modern” Golden Age artists. Janin’s artwork is outstanding as he’s one of the smoothest and detailed of DC’s regular artists. Jordie Bellaire handling the colors is almost unfair as it all but ensures this is one of the best-looking titles DC has right now with Bellaire’s mastery of the ideal color combinations.

This has leaped to another can’t miss DC title thanks to all the options at Johns and Janin’s disposal and their willingness to go against expectations and tackle a fresh new take on the JSA.

Rating: 10 out of 10