DC Comics reviews 5/23/23 – Nightwing #104, Green Arrow #2, JSA #4

Unstoppable Doom Patrol #3


Dennis Culver is starting to develop a pattern with this title. The portrayal of the Doom Patrol is excellent with the characters quickly resonating as an intriguing and entertaining team. And when he focuses on the Patrol, Culver writes an engaging story.

It’s when Culver feels the need to throw in some guest stars. That’s always a quick and easy way to drum up sales, but the execution has been spotty since Culver writes the cameo heroes as morons to make the Patrol look better. The thing is Culver is shortchanging the team by making them outwit watered down versions of highly competent heroes.

This issue the conflict with Green Lanterns Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner as they attempt to stop Robotman and Negative Man from offering a Starro fragment sanctuary. That’s a fun concept even with Culver treating these advanced Lanterns like remedial threats.

Chris Burnham remains consistent with solid and crisp artwork. This issue featured some massive battles and smart perspectives to convey the threat, which Burnham handled very well.

Colorist Brian Reber keeps the vibrant palette in play to maintain the series’ brightness in the face of chaos approach.

With a greater focus on solely the Doom Patrol, next issue should provide issue #2 was not a fluke.

Even though this installment was kind of hit or miss, Unstoppable Doom Patrol has enough new concepts and characters and most importantly risk-taking to always make it more interesting and worth exploring beyond these six issues.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics