Superman and Lois – Forever and Always review S3 E7

I don’t expect much of comic book shows these days, which is probably why this season of Superman and Lois has been so outstanding. Forever and Always marked a huge pivot point for the season with some big reveals and one final twist that helped validate another subplot.

Lois is getting weaker from her cancer treatments and putting on a brave front for the boys. Frustrated at their inability to help, Jon has Jordan take them to the Fortress to talk to the Lara hologram hoping she can provide some Kryptonian aid.

Now this makes sense. It’s silly that the boys would think Clark hadn’t considered it, but that’s practical teen logic and perfectly understandable. Clark heard them and is pissed. The writers have truly nailed genuine emotions a family would undergo during this kind of crisis.

If only this applied as readily for the other teens…

Every time the writers seem like they get how to make Nat more likable they go sideways like this episode. She’s upset with John Henry cause he hasn’t cleaned their place for the lunch date with Matteo. There’s just no way a black father is letting his child berate him for failing to clean up for his kid’s guest. Nope, not even a little bit.

superman and lois - forever and always review - nat, john henry and matteo

Matteo is as always on his best, most courteous behavior but John Henry gets a little weird at the prospect of his little girl falling for a dude.

Nat gets upset — because that’s what Nat does — and JH finds a listening ear and some advice from Lana. I’ve got no problem with Lana and John Henry starting up a relationship, but it feels unnecessary especially with these pesky cancellation rumors going around. 

Lana’s got her own issues as she’s trying to be the bigger woman about the whole Kyle and Chrissy dating thing, which is a natural response after Lana decided to end their marriage. Wait a minute… Sarah starts off trashing Chrissy but comes around thanks to Chrissy being a decent person. They end up bonding over Chrissy’s “special” gummies and her trips to Coachella. Lana spots Chrissy and Sarah leaving the movies and her feelings are hurt.

Of all the supporting characters, Lana is easily the most frustrating and she didn’t have to be. Mayor Lana would have been a perfectly good role for her as she navigates her family with this new responsibility. Even though she’s the mayor, the writers are still putting her through the emotional wringer with her ex, which isn’t’ doing her any favors. 

Anyway, back to the important storyline. We get a flashback from the days when Bruno is courting Peia and sharing his vision for Suicide Slum. The writers have put an incredible amount of restraint in not making Bruno a cookie cutter villain, but a guy with a plan to help others even if he’s doing it through insidious means. 

superman and lois - forever and always review - jon, jordan, lois and clark

Seeking some insight on Bruno and not knowing the connection, Lois goes on full investigative reporter mode on Peia, who’s not in the mood for it today. As she’s done throughout the series, Lois shows self-awareness (a trait sorely lacking from women in the Arrowverse shows with the exception of The Flash’s Iris, who never gets the Mary Perfect treatment) and apologizes to Peia. Lois says she doesn’t have many friends and doesn’t know how she could do it without her adding she doesn’t want to just be “cancer friends.” She wants to be friend friends.

It’s astonishing how rare these moments are between women in the Arrowverse where their friendship is the focus. Supergirl enjoyed it during its best season — season 3 — when Kara, Alex, Samantha and Lena, but that proved a one and done. These bonds are helpful for all characters and helps make the eventually twists and turns in a series all the more meaningful. 


Clark decides to help Lois in a different way and interviews Bruno. Thanks to his softer style of interrogation, Clark deduces Bruno is working so hard and so passionate about saving Hobbs Bay because someone he cares about has cancer. 

We don’t have to wait as we get the huge payoff with Bruno and Clark coming into the cancer ward to see Peia and Lois. Seeing this vulnerable side of Bruno cracks the image Clark and Lois had of this vicious crime boss as Clark actually finds himself relating to someone he’s always considered irredeemable. And like Lois’ entire cancer battle, Clark is facing another situation he can’t just swoop in as Superman and save the day. 

superman and lois - forever and always review - jordan, jon, clark and lois


Back home, Clark and Lois have to deal with Jon (and Jordan), who are very upset after finding Lois’ will. Michael Bishop has fit in seamlessly with the cast, but this felt like the first effort to give him a worthwhile showcase as Jon. And again, the Kent family is acting logical through every step of Lois’ cancer journey. It’s not a one-size fits all approach and everyone dealing with their emotions in different ways has made this feel very sincere and heartfelt. 

Time for one last flashback as Peia makes her choice and sides with Bruno as he’s plotting to fill the void with Lex Luthor not focusing on the area at all. This provides welcome background for their relationship. When his life was on the line, Peia saved him and beyond his love for her, Bruno feels a sense of obligation to do the same for the woman he loves. It’s a great subplot and one we don’t always get for the villain. 

There’s time for one more reveal although this one was telegraphed when Matteo mentioned his mother earlier. He’s Bruno and Peia’s son. This connects him to the main story although I don’t know if that was really necessary. Eventually, this looks to have some potential to drive a wedge with John Henry and Clark over what a husband can and should do to save his wife. 

The show continues to prove there’s a space for a mature, real-life style storyline in a superhero series. Superman and Lois’ greatest feat this season might be proving that this never-ending battle is just as important as anyone that Superman ever faced. 

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW