Hasbro reveals Marvel Legends West Coast Avengers box set

Hasbro definitely seems to be continuing the theme of team completing this year. And playing into the Beyond Earth’s Mightiest Avengers theme doesn’t hurt either. Today we got a new Amazon boxset reveal and it comes close to finishing off another classic team with the West Coast Avengers.

It skews a little repaint/re-release heavy but at least one of them is a big improvement on the original.

marvel legends west coast avengers five-pack - package frontmarvel legends west coast avengers box set package rear

We’re getting a comic style repaint of Silver Centurion Iron Man with white instead of…silver.

Spider-Woman gets double-jointed elbows and pinless joints.

That’s the same with Tigra, who also gets an improved head sculpt and less Cheetos color orange.

marvel legends west coast avengers five-pack -tigra full shot

The new additions naturally are the gems of the set with Hank Pym and Mockingbird. This is Hank in his red jumpsuit.

marvel legends west coast avengers five-pack -hank pym close up

Mockingbird completes the original team.

marvel legends west coast avengers five-pack - mockingbird close up

I like how both of them turned out and going with the bare legs version still allows Hasbro to release a debut issue WCA version of Hawkeye with the longer sleeves and Mockingbird with pants.

Located in Los Angeles, California, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes expand to a second base of operations known as the West Coast Avengers. Celebrate the Marvel universe with this Marvel Legends Series The West Coast Avengers 5-pack.

For the first time, fans can collect 5 of the core members of the West Coast Avengers team including Iron Man, Marvel’s Mockingbird, Marvel’s Tigra, Spider-Woman, and Hank Pym. These quality 6-inch scale figures feature deco inspired by the characters’ appearances in The West Coast Avengers comics. Includes 5 figures and 16 comics-inspired accessories

I’m very curious about the 16 accessories. Clearly Mockingbird’s staff and Tigra’s alternate head are two, but I’m hoping Iron Man doesn’t dominate the accessory count.

This set is $125 and is an Amazon exclusive.

What do you think of the set?

Pre-order the Marvel Legends West Coast Avengers five-pack now at Amazon: https://amzn.to/3BXdHbs

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Photo Credit: Hasbro