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Marvel Legends Black Panther Hatut Zeraze review

When you run your own nation you need various lines of defense. For Black Panther, the Dora Milaje are the public-facing bodyguards while the Dogs of War aka the Hatut Zeraze are Wakanda’s secret police.

The Hatut Zeraze were part of the incredible Marvel Knights run of Black Panther written by Christopher Priest and artist Mark Texeira. They are basically Wakandan nationalists operating in secret under the rule of The White Wolf, who rocks a similar style all-white attire with a cape and slightly flashier adornment. I’ve always dug their sharp contrast to Black Panther’s attire and had them as cool never gonna happen characters on my Marvel Legends wish list.

Funny what a second Black Panther film will do, huh? It’s great to see a deeper cut in Wakandan lore make it Marvel Legends. Now let’s see if these dogs are ready to go on the hunt.

Packaging: The new windowless packaging leaves a lot to be desired. It’s thinner and less interesting though the Black Panther purple accent colors are intact. The front features an image of the figure and a drawing of the Hatut Zeraze yet it all feels a bit too cramped and cluttered.

On the right side, there’s a helpful big image of the HZ allowing for easy identification on the side of the pegs. The back features another image of HZ and the included accessories.

marvel legends hatut zeraze review - package bio

That’s helpful so you can see what’s missing in case swappers already got to it. The big shift with the back package is there’s no longer any bio, which is lame.

Likeness: Hasbro wanted to have some distinction between this figure and the latest comic book Black Panther, which had the new Vulcan mold. To help BP stand out, the Hatut Zeraze gets the older Walmart exclusive Black Panther mold with a new head sculpt, forearms, shins and feet.

marvel legends hatut zeraze review - wide pic

The head sculpt is pretty good and I can definitely see it repurposed later for a future Black Panther figure. Adorning the forearms and shins are the vibranium elements Texeira included as part of their design to mirror his modern take on Black Panther.

This is a case where it felt like Hasbro missed a key opportunity to create another two in one figure like Quake and Maria Hill by adding the cape cloak and maybe slightly tweaked head sculpt of The White Wolf.

white wolf by mark texeira
Credit: Marvel Comics

It wouldn’t have taken that much and would have added another element to an already welcome army builder.

marvel legends hatut zeraze review - scale with ayo and black panther

Scale: The Hatut Zeraze stands a tad taller than the new Black Panther. Not that T’Challa is a giant, but I’d prefer his army builder to be shorter than him.

marvel legends hatut zeraze review - facing dora milaje ayo and black panther

Paint: Clad in all white the HZs don’t have a lot of color options.

There’s an outline around the eyes and the vibranium paneling is cast in a silvery blue that pairs nicely with the stark white. Not surprisingly there’s no issues with this paint job.

marvel legends hatut zeraze review - on the prowl

Articulation: The Hatut Zeraze are skilled fighters who have no problems getting into battles whether training with T’Challa or defending Wakandan interests.

marvel legends hatut zeraze review - training with black panther

In essence the Wakanda equivalent to ninjas, the Hatut Zeraze need to be able to crouch and hit various kinds of quick attack strike poses. They’re able to accomplish that with ease thanks to the extremely fluid Spider-Man UK base body.

marvel legends hatut zeraze review - teaming up to take on klaw

Hatut Zeraze has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

marvel legends hatut zeraze review - with dora milaje vs klaw

Accessories: Although lacking harnesses and other cool gear to make them more comic accurate, the Hatut Zeraze does come with some decent accessories.

marvel legends hatut zeraze review - out of package

First, there’s two additional swappable sets of hands — a weapons holding set and a claw strike set.

marvel legends hatut zeraze review - accessories

HZ also comes with the smaller pistol used on various figures and the larger machine gun that’s also been in heavy rotation. That makes sense and it’s definitely not an issue.

marvel legends hatut zeraze review - armed up

I do wish Hasbro included more gear like the harnesses and goggles shown on the box. And finally, he comes with the right leg of the Build-A-Figure MCU Attuma.

marvel legends hatut zeraze review - charging into action with black panther

Worth it?  Marvel Legends are up to $25 now. With more customizable gear options, the Hatut Zeraze would probably be a figure I wouldn’t complain about the price tag. I was able to get my second for $12 and missed Best Buy’s big clearance where they were $5.99. I would have built a crazy army at that price.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

This is an excellent figure. Hasbro just needed to borrow some gear from other figures to allow for diverse looks for them to boost this to an easy 10.

marvel legends hatut zeraze review - with black panther and dora milaje

Where to get it?  It’s been sparse finding these guys at retail these days. You can still get him easily enough from Amazon, which has him for $18,  or Entertainment Earth.

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