Superman and Lois: Collision Course review S3 E10

I didn’t agree with the decision to have so many people learn Superman’s identity last season. It’s called a secret identity for a reason and then it got incredibly messy in terms of who knew and who didn’t know Clark Kent is Superman. Beyond the still highly entertaining Manheim family drama, Collision Course set up some major fallout stemming from what’s been the season’s weakest character group.

Lois wants to give Peia a chance to tell her side of the story. Since she doesn’t have long left to live, Lois wants her friend to at least have the opportunity to be viewed as more than a murderous monster. It was nice that Clark actually didn’t want to tag along for the interview/interrogation as it’s important for the spouses to have their own agendas that don’t always revolve around their spouses’ plans. 

With a free day, Clark is hyped at the chance to spend some quality time with Jon and Jordan. They’re far less enthused even when Clark brings tickets for WrestleRumble 40 in Metropolis. Maybe on this Earth the American Nightmare actually goes over The Tribal Chief?

superman and lois - collision course review - sarah and jordan

Instead, the boys bail on Clark to go to a senior kegger. Sarah sent Jon the invite, which somewhat irks Jordan until Jon rightfully says he’s not the only blurting out how much he loves Sarah like Jordan does every time he sees her. Full facts. 

Chrissy is stressed about a lack of story options for the paper, but fortunately super boyfriend Kyle has a solution — Smallville’s Secret Superhero! He’s bummed that his newshound girlfriend doesn’t think there’s a story. Chrissy does have an assignment though as she’s shadowing Lana while the governor is in town. Lana is starting to share her loftier political ambitions, which seems a bit hasty. How about finishing your first term as mayor of Smallville, first Madame President?

After such a promising turnaround last episode, Lana shifts back to jerk mode when Chrissy tries to warn her that Kyle is suspicious of a hero that’s not Superman operating in Metropolis. Way to listen to one of your constituents Ms. Mayor. 

superman and lois - collision course review -peia and lois

Lois is able to convince Peia to share her story. This wouldn’t have worked if Peia and Lois were strangers. The bond they established meant something to both of them and Lois is acting more from a concerned friend perspective than a chasing the big story reporter. Peia is an open book…to a point. She understands that Lex Luthor is a slime dude who’s better off in prison even if it’s for the one crime he didn’t commit. 

This has been a thought-provoking subplot as Clark and Lois both understand how dangerous Luthor is, but their journalistic principles are making them do the “right thing.” Lois does manage to convince Peia to tell the truth with the lure of Matteo. Unfortunately for Lois, Matteo has now been weaponized by Bruno — more specifically to act as the courier for the cure so Peia can use her powers and have her health restored. 

This makes for a pretty powerful break out sequence in multiple ways. Peia has to use Lois as a hostage to make good on her escape irrevocably shattering their friendship. That’s a testament to the work Elizabeth Tulloch and Daya Vaidya have done in selling Lois and Peia’s friendship in such a short span of episodes. 


Meanwhile, back at the kegger, Jordan is still on his Superman Returns stalker mode playing helicopter ex while Sarah pals around with Junior. I appreciate that Sarah’s middling subplots all season are finally paying off now and for the first time all season, I’m fully on Sarah’s side. Get over it Jordan, first love be dang. You’re being creepy, dude. 

Jon is happy as he gets to reunite with Candice. It’s all good until the cops arrive and the teens scatter.

superman and lois - collision course review - candice and jon

Sarah drives Junior, who already has two DUIs on his record. They escape the cops by turning off their headlights only for Sarah to narrowly avoid a deer, which forces her to lose control and crash. Here’s where a superhero ex comes in handy as Jordan swoops in and saves them from getting killed. 

Kyle is pissed at Sarah and is naturally curious when Junior starts talking about the super teen that saves them. Sarah lies and Kyle knows it. Kyle has to break up Lana’s hangout with the governor, which makes the governor leery of Lana’s viability as a political ally especially after piecing together that Kyle and Chrissy are together. 

When Sarah and Lana’s stories start matching up a little too closely, Kyle realizes they’re both lying and heads to get some answers. 

Clark is also heated and loses his cool with Jordan, who lashes back by saying Clark is just upset because they bailed on him. Low blow super stalker. Low blow. 

Kyle wants to see Jon, who he believes is the super teen, but Clark can’t deal with this issue what with Peia trying to escape. It’s a lost cause and Clark promises to explain everything tomorrow and flies off in front of Kyle. Well, the secret is out now…

superman and lois - collision course review - superman

While the Manheims are happy to be reunited, Clark is not happy when Jon finally makes it home. It’s nice seeing a heated Superman. Jon assures Clark he didn’t drink after everything he went through last year. Unlike Jordan, he wasn’t drinking and is largely in the clear especially after telling Clark they’re not just going to sit around and wait for Clark to have free time. That’s tough, but fair. 

With the Kent household in a rough spot and Kyle’s family fraying even further, it’s nice that at least the Manheims are a united front. Next episode is definitely going to be a doozy, but this was an excellent episode that brought a lot of season long plot threads together in explosive fashion. 

Jon said after last year after everything that happened I would go drinking and driving. We can’t just sit around and wait for you to have free time.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW