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G.I. Joe Classified Series Tomax and Xamot Paoli review

Without a doubt the third series featured the best additions to the ranks of Cobra in the Real American Hero line. It was filled with major heavy hitters and vital villains to the G.I. Joe mythos. But series 4 featured some quality Cobra leaders as well with the arrival of Tomax and Xamot aka The Crimson Twins.

The whole twin gimmick was very creative and the mirrored patten of their unique outfits helped them stand out in a line of inspired villain designs. As major players in both the cartoon and comic book series, the Crimson Twins were essential for the GI Joe Classified Series line. The real question was could Hasbro deliver a memorable, inspired take on these twisted twins? Let’s find out as soon as I finish checking out these mysterious butterflies…

Package:  This is one of my favorites of the more recent packages. Artist Valentina Remenar took advantage of the twins’ bond and their rollout in the line to make a combined image.

crimson twins classified series poster by valentina remenar

Tomax and Xamot are posed back-to-back dressed in their suits with a mirror image of them in their Cobra gear while holding their blasters in the main section while the silver Cobra insignia from their outfits links the image. Again, this would make for an awesome poster.

gi joe classified series tomax and xamot review - package front

It’s long past time for Hasbro to update the rear artwork to incorporate the last few waves of characters like Stalker, the Twins, Dusty, Zarana, Crimson Guards, Cover Girl. Falcon, etc.

gi joe classified series tomax and xamot review - package rear

Tomax and Xamot actually have their bio(s) available on The bio is so well done I wish Hasbro would commit to doing bios for at least all of the existing characters on the site.

Tomax and Xamot are twins whose connection is so strong that it can only be described as psychic. The twins can complete each other’s sentences, even from a distance. Drawn to mercenary work by the promise of conflict and high payouts, but tired of the personal risk. Used their money to entrench themselves in the corporate world of global media and finance, pumping out a steady stream of pro-Cobra propaganda disguised as pop-culture entertainment, all while reaping enormous profit. They are also the commanders of the Crimson Guard.

The skill code further breaks down their proficiencies. They scored a low of two in hand-to-hand combat, three in leader and top marks of four with black market and coercion.

Likeness: There’s been some complains from collectors that the twins could have used a more modern update from their classic RAH look. I’m in the strongly disagree category with that choice.

gi joe classified series tomax and xamot review - wide pic

I LOVE the twins’ design from the half high collar, the lone shoulder pad and crimson sash around their torso. The high collar piece should wrap at the V neck instead of just free floating here. It’s the one design element that seems off with this update.

And check out the belt design with the Cobra mouth. This is a subtle upgrade from the original figures simply from making “eyes” out of the red belt section and making the crotch pad more of a snake pattern.

They retail the cobra shaped thigh armor that leads into their knee-high armored boots. I think the real reason Hasbro sculptors didn’t go nuts with the revisions here is because the original design was so amazing.

Their hair is wilder this time resembling their look from the cartoon and comics more than the neatly coiffed figure hairstyle. Tomax has more of a smirk while Xamot looks more cautious — probably due to the fact that he’s the one with the scar along his left cheek.

There’s some actual sculpted work on the scar so it’s not just a neat red line of paint. Continuing the mirrored theme, the twins’ hair is also combed in opposite directions.

gi joe classified series tomax and xamot review - twins triumphant

Of course, as the heads of Extensive Enterprises, there’s the sense that Hasbro has an obvious alternate attire for Tomax and Xamot in their suited look. As a workaround, you could also grab the Marvel Legends Hammerhead like some customizers have used.


Paint:  I don’t typically have any problems with Classified Series paintjobs. Tomax and Xamot don’t have a lot of glaring issues. It’s more of the precision areas like the teeth of the snake and keeping the red lining from bleeding over into the silver elements.

The most glaring issue is the visible chest skin tone area, which looks like a lighter shade of flesh tone.

Hasbro went with more of a flat silver although this seemed like an ideal time for a more pearlescent and shinier shade.

gi joe classified series tomax and xamot review - scale with cobra commander and baroness

Scale:  Tomax and Xamot are average height, but the important thing is they’re (slightly) shorter than Destro, who could probably use the Dr. Mindbender boots to give him some needed additional height.

gi joe classified series tomax and xamot review - facing firefly, dr. mindbender, cobra commander and major bludd

Articulation: Tomax and Xamot are happy to fight from a distance and close-up utilizing their high-end circus acrobatics that would make Nightwing jealous. The shoulder pauldron and the high half collar are the biggest impediments to perfectly fluid articulation, but otherwise they’re as smooth as any other figures in the series.

gi joe classified series tomax and xamot review - knife fight vs. stalker

Admittedly I was more than happy to take the challenge of mimicking some of the Twins’ attack patterns with the figures.

gi joe classified series tomax and xamot review - knocked oy sgt. slaughter

Tomax and Xamot have:

  • head
  • neck
  • shoulders (butterfly)
  • elbow (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • mid-torso
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips (ball-jointed)
  • drop down hips
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

gi joe classified series tomax and xamot review - face off with flint

Accessories: The Crimson Twins play into their close combat fight style with a par of serpentine daggers.

gi joe classified series tomax and xamot review - accessories in tray

For longer range battles, the twins have MP5K Sub-machine guns. Hasbro has made these fun now with the addition of removable silencers and magazines.

gi joe classified series tomax and xamot review - accessories

Worth It?  Amazon has a nice Classified Series sale so I got Xamot for $16.99. Tomax I had to pay slightly more via Hasbro Pulse’s Seasonal Savings, but I did get him for under $20 too.

gi joe classified series tomax and xamot review - ready for attack

Rating: 10 out of 10

My Classified Series ratings might be getting a tad boring, but Hasbro is killing it with the line and every figure is now starting to be the iconic ideal 6” modern update I’ve wanted for years. And Spirit might be the best Joe yet.

gi joe classified series tomax and xamot review - cobra high command

Where to Get It? You can get Tomax and Xamot on Amazon now. You can also get Tomax and Xamot from Entertainment Earth.

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