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Masters of the Universe Revelation Trap Jaw review

Trap Jaw has always been one of my favorites of Skeletor’s minions. He’s got such a great menacing appearance and is geared up enough that he’s a legitimate threat against any of He-Man’s allies.

I wasn’t planning on going all-in with the Revelation Masterverse line — my Masters of the Universe Classics remains one of the top five in my collection — but I’ve been sucked in now and enjoying these takes on the characters especially with the unique twists on their designs from the cartoon.

Let’s see if Trap Jaw is a worthy addition to the line or if he just bites.

Packaging:  The Masterverse Revelation line stands out on the shelf thanks to its dark blue color scheme and unique boxed showcase of the figures. The new Avatar line is fringing on the larger blue packaging setup, but Revelation got there first.

Trap Jaw is a deluxe figure, so his box is expanded, allowing him to takes up more shelf space and drawing more attention. With the larger window, I’m able to spot any major paint flaws and make sure all the accessories are intact. That’s something that can’t be taken for granted in this swapper age.

masters of the universe masterverse trap-jaw review - package bio

I love that Mattel includes two different portraits — one on the right side and a larger one on the rear. As always, the bio is written with intent of telling a story and not just some hastily put together write-up.

masters of the universe masterverse trap-jaw review - battle stance

Likeness: Trap Jaw’s design is one that doesn’t encourage a lot of revisions and tweaks. It’s one of the more creative in the MOTU saga. Mattel stuck to the Revelation appearance, which largely stays in the lines of what you expect to see with Trap Jaw.

Unlike a lot of figures in the line, Trap Jaw is mostly an original sculpt that’s slimmer and less bulky compared to the base body.

His helmet has great detail with the bolts leading to the top loop. I love the expression with the wild eyes and the leering smile. His metal jaw is articulated and raises up to his nose if you don’t like the smiling look.

masters of the universe masterverse trap-jaw review - steel jaw lowered

Trap Jaw’s upper right side has his armor/arm prosthetic. The default attachment is the laser, which has some solid sculpting with lining, a scope and larger barrel. His left arm features a thick gauntlet. I love the detailed belt with the skull and crossbones.

His legs have the layered armor look on his thighs with taller knee-high boots.

masters of the universe masterverse trap-jaw review - blaster attire

Paint: I’ve been impressed with the consistently clean paint work with this line. Trap Jaw’s paint job is just as solid with clean line work and no random oversprays.

Mattel added a little subtle darker blue wash to Trap Jaw’s torso giving it a richer, deeper look than the norm.

masters of the universe masterverse trap-jaw review - scale with stinkor and evil-lyn

Scale: The Revelation line is a 7″ scale so they’re taller than the Masters of the Universe Classics figures. Trap Jaw is about regular height, but he’s sculpted with a slight hunch to lower his size just a bit.


masters of the universe masterverse trap-jaw review - hooking man-at-arms

Articulation: Trap Jaw has 30 points of articulation. I haven’t had too many issues with the articulation setup of the Revelation figures beyond wishing the foot/ankle were strong enough to hold running or one leg up poses longer.

My biggest gripe is I couldn’t get a ton of range in twisting his head slightly to the left or right as the articulated jaw would open. It’s a minor problem considering how much this figure can do, but it’s worth noting.

masters of the universe masterverse trap-jaw review - blasting he-man

Masterverse Trap Jaw has:

  • neck
  • jaw
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

masters of the universe masterverse trap-jaw review - with evil-lyn and stinkor

Accessories: At some point, Mattel got a little deluxe crazy with the Masterverse line. At least they know how to justify the extra price tag by tossing in a ton of accessories and display options.

masters of the universe masterverse trap-jaw review - accessories in tray

To start, Trap Jaw has his various hand attachments with the hook and pincher.

masters of the universe masterverse trap-jaw review - claw hand attachment

They both look plenty painful if they get a grip on a Masters. Additionally, there’s some decent paintwork on both pieces with silver and black.

masters of the universe masterverse trap-jaw review - hook attachment

He also has a swappable open left hand to help cradle the blaster.

masters of the universe masterverse trap-jaw review - cradling blaster

What boosts Trap Jaw to deluxe status is the option to add on his Motherboard Acolyte attire. There’s a long, sculpted tunic, which features some impressive paint line work and texturing.

He’s also got a silver and black belt.

To complete the look, Trap Jaw has a longer cloth skirt piece to fit under the plastic tunic. Alternating between plastic and cloth makes sense.

masters of the universe masterverse trap-jaw review - acolyte battle stance

Worth it?  As a deluxe figure, Trap Jaw is regularly $32.99, but I was able to get him for $8.99, which is a terrific clearance deal. The two in one feature for Trap Jaw makes him a solid deal right up to $29.99 so the base price isn’t awful though now he should be much cheaper to get.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Getting this high caliber a figure for under $10. Even with my minor issue with the jaw articulation, this is a terrific figure and the fact he has swappable looks makes him even better. He’s certainly one of my favorites in the line so far.

masters of the universe masterverse trap-jaw review - stone background

Where to get it?  I got Trap Jaw at Target, but you can grab him on Amazon.

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