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McFarlane DC Multiverse Sinestro and Hawkman up for pre-order

The great thing about McFarlane Toys’ DC Multiverse line is the products get revealed and then are solicited and on shelves relatively quickly. We saw the Zero Hour Hawkman and Sinestro Corps Sinestro just a few weeks ago during the San Diego Comic Con presentation and now we’re already getting the pre-orders as part of Target’s Geek Out event.

This should mean we’ll get news soon regarding the classic Wonder Woman that was also shown alongside them.

The bad news is both Sinestro and Hawkman are part of this new Collector’s Edition line, which feels like an excuse to hack up the prices without providing a lot of useful accessories to account for the price. Who’s really going to use that stand for the included trading card?

Anyway, here’s the glamor shots and pre-order information for both.


mcfarlane toys dc multiverse sinestro - close up

Originally hailing from the planet Korugar, Sinestro once served as the Green Lantern of Sector 1417 and quickly gained recognition among the Corps for his ability to police his sector. However, peace came at a price. Sinestro’s determination to preserve order caused him to act more as a dictator than a protector.

It wasn’t until then new recruit Hal Jordan learned of Sinestro’s methods that the Guardians were informed and Sinestro was ejected from the Corps. Steadfast in his belief of moral superiority and methods of maintaining order, Sinestro formed the Sinestro Corps, harnessing the yellow energy of fear, to not only combat the Guardians, whom he sees as the main obstacle on the path to intergalactic peace, but to also strengthen the Green Lantern Corps.

mcfarlane toys dc multiverse sinestro - accessories

Pre-order DC Multiverse Sinestro now at Target


Zero Hour Hawkman

mcfarlane dc multiverse zero hour hawkman - close up

Since the days of World War II, there has always been an imposing figure with majestic wings and a striking bird-shaped helmet, brandishing ancient weaponry and standing alongside Earth’s greatest heroes in its time of need. A fierce warrior without equal, the hero known as Hawkman has been a human being trapped in an ancient Egyptian curse of endless death and rebirth, and at other times, an alien police officer sent to Earth to help defend it. Sometimes, he’s even been a combination of both.

mcfarlane dc multiverse zero hour hawkman - with base

Pre-order now DC Multiverse Zero Hour Hawkman now at Target

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Photo Credit: McFarlane Toys