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DC Comics reviews 9/5/23 – Batman #137, Birds of Prey #1, Shazam #3

Steelworks #4

Consistency in comic books in 2023 is not something to be taken lightly. Steelworks isn’t DC’s flashiest title, but it’s been enjoyable each issue treating the characters — and readers — with respect.

Writer Michael Dorn continues to impress with his solid knowledge of DC Comics and the last few reboots of the continuity. John Henry Irons is trying to figure out why his super powered allies are getting a massive power boost and the connection to Silver Mist and his employer, Charles Walker III.

Walker still doesn’t come off like a dollar store Lex Luthor and Silver Mist is a capable villain for Steel. Dorn also doesn’t dumb down Steel to make the villains more credible, a rare trait these days, and he’s able to make Lana a supportive fiancé without cutting John Henry off at the knees.

This is a series where Dorn has cleanly incorporated Superman without making it feel like forced, strained cameos.

The artwork from Sami Basri and Vicente Cifuentes has also been steady with some nice intense action sequences. Easily the only knock on the art is Superman’s messier than normal hair, but if that’s the biggest issue in a Steel book, it’s alright. Andrew Dalhouse’s color work uses striking bright colors while subtly using darker colors against Steel to spotlight his silver armor. Rob Leigh’s clean lettering ensures the dialogue doesn’t look clunky or awkward as well.

Steel gets the job done and shows all a good comic needs is just a creative team that is confident enough in what they’re delivering to satisfy readers. So far that’s been a savvy and refreshing approach.

Rating: 8 out of 10