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DC Comics reviews 9/12/23 – Batman and Robin #1, Green Lantern #3

Batman Inc #12

The slight problem in not reading comic news in advance is reading a comic you enjoy only to learn that it’s the final issue of the series. That was the case here. It also speaks to a larger problem with DC Comics. Books that need the “mercy kill” get stays of long-overdue execution simply because of the creative teams. While other far more interesting titles where the creators dare to do something different or just write an enjoyable book (see Hawkman, The Flash, The Terrifics, Aquaman) get cancelled too quickly.

To wrap the series, writer Ed Brisson has the various Batman squads figuring out a hack to upend Joker’s murderous Joker Inc. endgame. The solution makes sense given The Joker and doesn’t come off like some cheap, last-second fix the heroes should have figured out already.

Brisson also addresses a few lingering subplots while showcasing the fantastic character work that made this book so constantly engaging.

Artist John Timms gets to focus on some dynamic action sequences fitting for a grand finale showdown with Joker Inc. Timms did consistently strong work on the title and the mix of characters seemed to fit his style better. Rex Lokus’ color work remained solid with the right mix of dark and bright color choices.

The ending is a worthy conclusion to this run for the team with Brisson wisely not blowing up the team allowing for another writer — or himself (?) — to eventually revisit the team that deserved better than a brief, but entertaining 12-issue run.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10