DC Comics Action Figure Reviews

With Mattel losing the license to keep producing DC action figures, DC Direct/DC Collectibles’ future up in the air and my uncertainty with the McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse line, I figured it made sense to have one major hub for all of the DC figure reviews. This isn’t a case like Hasbro with the Marvel Legends where that’s the line I’m sticking with so this will be the catch all section for the various DC figure reviews I’ve done and will review.


DC Direct/DC Collectibles

dc icons

This is the line that got things rolling for me. I wasn’t into reviewing when I had a pretty sizable DCD collection, but I do have reviews from the DC Icons and DC Essentials lines.

Mattel DC Classics/DC Multiverse

dc multiverse red hood figure review - scale with nightwing, red hood, red robin and batwoman

I have a massive DC Classics collection, but didn’t start reviewing them until the line was on its last legs. This page also includes the DC Multiverse line, which was Mattel’s too little too late attempt to add better articulation for DC figures.

Hot Toys DC figures

hot toys justice league superman figure review - dc trinity heading to action

This section is just for movie figures and I’m primarily keeping this to cool figures from the DC Extended Universe although if I can get figures from the Nolan Dark Knight trilogy expect them as well.

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse

mcfarlane dc multiverse baman figure review - with multiverse superman

The new kid on the block already shows a ton of potential with incredible original sculpts even if it’s not quite the most diverse line yet.


I’m not going to dive too deep into this import line, but with figures from some of the bigger Batman stories in the past three decades I will likely be grabbing enough to warrant their own section.