GI Joe action figure reviews

I wish I had a larger GI action figure review section. Next to Star Wars, this was my other starter line that got me hooked on a lifelong love of action figures. I was an early adapter of Hasbro’s GI Joe: A Real American Hero as I vividly remember my brother and I getting Flash, Scarlet, Snake-Eyes and Stalker to kick off our collection, which expanded to nearly every Joe and Cobra member and vehicle through 1987.

After a very brief hiatus and the better left forgotten Sgt. Savage era, I’ve faithfully collected the line. Unfortunately do the failures of the live-action movies, Hasbro hasn’t been very interested in releasing much in the way of new product for the 3 3/4 line and unlike most popular 80s figure lines, GI Joe hasn’t gotten the heavily-demanded 6″ treatment.

GI Joe comic issue 57 Flint, Destro and Lady Jaye

As such, this won’t be a regularly updated section, but for completion sake, I definitely needed to include this for the few Joe offerings that I do have available for review.




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