G.I. Joe action figure reviews

I wish I had a larger GI action figure review section. Next to Star Wars, this was my other starter line that got me hooked on a lifelong love of action figures. I was an early adapter of Hasbro’s GI Joe: A Real American Hero as I vividly remember my brother and I getting Flash, Scarlet, Snake-Eyes and Stalker to kick off our collection, which expanded to nearly every Joe and Cobra member and vehicle through 1987.

Hasbro finally brought the license back with the 6-inch G.I. Joe Classified Series, which has reignited the line’s popularity with old and new fans. Expect reviews of every original figure in this series.


GI Joe Classified Series

Wave 1

Attack on Cobra Island (Target exclusive)

Wave 2

  • Cobra Commander
  • Gung-Ho
  • Red Ninja

Amazon exclusive

Arctic Storm Shadow

Assault on Cobra Island Wave 2 (Target exclusive)


Wave 3

I didn’t knock out a ton of the 25th and 30th anniversary lines, but I did do a few reviews, which you can check out on the next page.