Marvel Legends action figure reviews

Whether in the hands of Toy Biz or Hasbro, the Marvel Legends line has become synonymous with highly articulated 6″ versions of Marvel Comics heroes and villains. From classic A-list characters Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America to lesser-knowns like Machine Man, Sentry and Misty Knight, the Marvel Legends line taps into all corners of the Marvel Universe.

As one of my all-time favorite lines, I was thrilled when Hasbro recommitted to the line and began upping the ante with increased sculpting, accessories and riskier character selections. This is the series I’m always the most excited about adding new figures to my collection thanks to its gotta buy them all Build-A-Figure concept and diverse options.

While I started collecting the line right from the start of Toy Biz’s run right through to its changeover to Hasbro, the Marvel Legends figure reviews don’t begin until 2015’s kick-off with the Avengers theme waves. But on a slow week, I may go back through my collection for some archive reviews of older figures. Stay tuned true believers!

Page 1:

2015 releases:

  • Build A Figure The All-Father wave
  • Build-A-Figure Thanos wave
  • Build-A-Figure Hulkbuster Iron Man wave
  • Build-A-Figure  Ultron wave
  • Build-A-Figure Rhino wave

Page 2:

2016 releases:

  • Build-A-Figure Absorbing Man wave
  • Build-A-Figure Onslaught wave
  • Build-A-Figure MCU Giant-Man wave
  • Build-A-Figure Space Knight Venom wave
  • Build-A-Figure Abomination wave
  • Build-A-Figure Juggernaut wave
  • Build-A-Figure Dormammu wave
  • Walgreens exclusives: Namor, The Punisher

Page 3:

2017 releases:

  • Build-A-Figure Sandman wave
  • Build-A-Figure Titus wave
  • Build-A-Figure Warlock wave
  • Build-A-Figure Mantis wave
  • Build-A-Figure Man-Thing wave
  • Build-A-Figure MCU Gladiator Hulk
  • Build-A-Figure Vulture wings
  • Marvel Legends Retro Series
  • Walgreens exclusives: Invisible Woman, The Thing and Medusa

Page 4:

2018 releases:

  • Build-A-Figure Okoye wave
  • Build-A-Figure Thanos wave
  • Build-A-Figure Lizard wave
  • Build-A-Figure Sasquatch wave
  • Build-A-Figure Apocalypse wave
  • Marvel Legends Deluxe Archangel figure
  • Build-A-Figure SP//dr wave
  • Build-A-Figure Sauron wave
  • Build-A-Figure Venom wave
  • Marvel Studios: The First 10 Years
  • Marvel Legends Ultimate Riders
  • Walgreens exclusives: Human Torch, Magik, Mister Fantastic and Silver Surfer

Page 5:

2019 releases

  • Build-A-Figure M’Baku wave
  • Build-A-Figure Kingpin wave
  • Build-A-Figure Kree Sentry wave
  • Build-A-Figure Armored Thanos wave
  • Ultimate Legends Riders Deluxe Sets
  • Build-A-Figure Caliban wave
  • Marvel Legends Ultimate Riders
  • Build-A-Figure Molten Man
  • Build-A-Figure Smart Hulk
  • Build-A-Figure Wendigo
  • Vintage Uncanny X-Men
  • Marvel 80th Anniversary
  • Walgreens exclusives: Dani Moonstar and Mystique

Page 6:

2020 releases

Page 7:

2021 releases

  • Build-A-Figure Stilt Man wave
  • Build-A-Figure Tri-Sentinel wave
  • Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos
  • Marvel Legends Build-A-Wing set
  • Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Mr. Hyde
  • Marvel Legends Deluxe M.O.D.O.K.
  • Marvel Legends Retro X-Men wave
  • Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Xenmu
  • Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Ursa Major
  • Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure The Watcher
  • Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Age of Apocalypse Colossus
  • Marvel Legends Infinity Saga
  • Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Gilgamesh wave
  • Marvel Legends Kro deluxe figure
  • Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Armadillo wave
  • Marvel Legends Retro Fantastic Four
  • Fan Channel: Firestar, She-Hulk, Maestro, Spider-Man 2099, Sandman, Web-Man, Tigra, Hercules
  • Walgreens exclusives: Nova, Quasar

Page 8:

2022 releases

  • Spider-Man Retro Series 2022
  • Build-A-Figure Rintrah wave
  • Build-A-Figure Bonebreaker wave
  • Build-A-Figure Controller wave
  • Pulse Exclusive: Excalibur multi-pack, X-Force multi-pack, Skrull Soldier, SHIELD Agents duo pack, Hand Ninja
  • Walgreens exclusives: Baron Zemo, Jigsaw and Sentry

Page 9:

Marvel Legends Multi-Packs (non-exclusive):

  • X-Factor (Havok and Polaris
  • Love Triangle (Cyclops, Jean Grey and Wolverine)

Marvel Legends Exclusives:

  • San Diego Comic Con
  • Target exclusives
  • Toys R Us exclusives
  • Walgreens exclusives
  • Wal-Mart exclusives