Mattel: DC Classics, DC Signature Series and DC Multiverse

After Mattel completed its DC Classics and DC Signature lines, the company cooled off on the 6-inch figure format. Focusing most of their attention on movie based figures, comic fans hoped for random offerings included in the catch-all DC Multiverse line.

But with the DC Rebirth comic line renewing interest in the comics, Mattel is doubling down on its efforts to provide top quality figures. Over the years, I’ve gathered a few of the random figures under the Multiverse banner, but going forward I’ll break the Multiverse series down by waves. For simplicity sake, I’ll also include any DC Classics/Signature reviews I do as well.

DC Classics/DC Signature Series


Collect and Connect Clayface wave

Collect and Connect Super Lex wave

Collect and Connect Lobo wave

Collect and Connect Ninja Batman

Collect and Connect Killer Croc