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I’ve waited forever to do this, but after some encouragement from some pals, I finally decided it was time for a Lyles Movie Files Podcast. My goal is to just go more in depth with some of the content I’m writing about over conversations with my boys — Lonnie ‘The Chief,’ Melvin ‘Gunner,’ Jayce and Jovon King. Eventually, I hope to expand this aspect of the LMF empire further so pardon the mess while I build this bad boy up. Enjoy the shows.

Ep. 60 – Oscars/Hart drama, Arrowverse midseason review

Kevin Hart’s past comes back to haunt him just as he’s announced the Oscars host. Hear our take on if he should have remained in the gig despite refusing to apologize…at first.

We break down the Golden Globe nominees and Jovon sells Chief on checking out Roma. Also, we talk why a Crazy Rich Asians win is one of the best possible outcomes.

Ep. 59 – What’s Your Go-to Christmas movie?

We’re talking about our go-to Christmas movie from the classics to the modern classics, which ones do we have to see every December.

Jovon still isn’t happy with The Walking Dead even with the arrival of The Whisperers. Can we manage to get him excited for the return of the second half of a much improved season?

Ep. 58 – Creed II Director Steven Caple Jr. and Florian Munteanu on tears and Russian bad guys

Creed II Director Steven Caple Jr. and co-star Florian Munteanu were in town to discuss the film. Dealing with the expectations, what made them cry and why the Drago family couldn’t be cliche Russian villains.

Ep. 57 – Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor, Agents of SHIELD early renewal

We try to work through our feelings about the casting of Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor in the Arrowverse. We break down what had to be an immensely complicated casting process and the several other candidates that would have made for a better choice for the role.

Chief is finally caught up with The Walking Dead and he’s excited about the prospect of these talking walkers.

Ep. 56 – Rick Grimes’ last Walking Dead episode, Viggo’s N-Word controversy

We can’t agree on anything, but the gang tries to reach common ground on Rick Grimes’ final episode on The Walking Dead. Who hated it and who thought it opens up a wealth of new possibilities for the series?

Also, we talk the Viggo Mortensen N-Word controversy. Are people blowing it out of proportion?

We’re also talking why music biopics like Bohemian Rhapsody have to change up actual events to make the movie more entertaining for mainstream audiences.

Ep. 55 – Arrowverse’s Diversity Problem

With the recent reveal on The Flash, for Episode 55 we take a deep dive at the Arrowverse’s attempts at diversity. Where it’s working, what needs immediate improvement and why this universe still has more aliens than Asian characters.


Ep. 54 – Fixing Franchises

For Episode 54, we’re talking about how we would fix certain franchises that have fallen from grace. How would we fix DC Extended Universe, Transformers, X-Men and The Terminator series? Find out.

Also, we rave over Daredevil Season 3 while collectively scratching our heads over Netflix’s decision to cancel Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

We break down the latest week in TV shows from Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and The Walking Dead.

Plus, can Kanye West lose his dummy of the week championship? Will these contenders dethrone the champ? Tune in to Episode 54 find out!

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Episode 53 – Here’s what’s wrong with The Walking Dead

We’re on to Episode 53 and we’re talking about The Walking Dead.

Specifically if Jovon is dead wrong in his insistence that The Walking Dead showrunners would be stupid for killing off Rick Grimes before the season finale.

Shocker, women actually like sci-fi! Why is it taking so long for executives to take more chances like the female Dr. Who?

Kiera Knightely and Kristen Bell have issues with old school fairy tale films for their lack of positive messages of female empowerment. But do we really need to bring in modern values for cartoons that didn’t have a MeToo voice in the room?

Episode 52 – Gambit: A Love Story? Fall Movie Preview

The Lyles Movie Files podcast crew gets in on the Gambit change-up from a heist film to a romantic comedy with action elements.

We’re also sharing our top picks for films we’re most excited for with our Fall Movie Preview.

Did the latest Dark Phoenix trailer turn our opinion on the film or are we still just waiting for Marvel Studios to gain control of the X-Men license? Check out the full show now.

Episode 51 – Captain Marvel trailer reaction, Birds of Prey casting news

For Episode 51 the gang is all here at one place for our wildest and loudest installment yet. Tune in as we break down the Captain Marvel trailer, which somehow turns into a breakdown on how Warner Bros. has botched its superhero universe.

From there we talk about the casting choices for Birds of Prey and why those great options might not matter. Hear our take on the Kevin Hart/Katt Williams dramatic saga and who was in the wrong.

We also discuss how Walt Disney cutting back on its Star Wars films output is a great thing. It’s all here and more on Episode 51.

Episode 50 – Who’s Still a Movie Star?

It’s our first big milestone as the Lyles Movie Files Podcast crew celebrates Episode 50.

The whole gang is here as we discuss which movie stars bring us to the theaters and which fading stars have lost our trust. What choice makes Jayce question Gunner’s credibility and why does Chief no longer believe in movie stars?

We also discuss Nicolas Cage’s new bizarre and amazing film, Mandy, and the controversy and problems with the latest installment in The Predator series.

Thanks for listening to Episode 50 and we’re psyched about the next 50! Enjoy the show and don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment so we know what you’d like to hear us discuss on future shows.

Ep. 49 – Nicki vs. Cardi, Nike Burning

It’s Episode 49 and we’ve got a lot of thoughts on the week’s events! We break down how trash Les Moonves is for trying to end Janet Jackson’s career after ‘Nipplegate’ in light of him about to get booted from CBS. We also talk about the dummies burning their NIKE shoes and clothing due to the Colin Kaepernick ads.

We also have a lengthy discussion on the Academy Awards shelving the Popular Film category. We’re amazed at the major improvements on Iron Fist Season 2 and more. Give it a listen and get ready for Episode 50!

Ep. 48 – What’s the Best Movie Soundtrack?

There’s a ton of good contenders, but for Episode 48, the Lyles Movie Files Podcast crew debate what’s the best movie soundtrack.

Where does Purple Rain fit in the discussion and what’s the best 90s option with so many quality hits? What about Kill Bill Vol. 2? Grab your Beats headphones and start thinking of your favorites and see if any of them get mentioned in this conversation.

We’ve also got some sure to be controversial thoughts on Louie CK’s return, Nicki Minaj’s Twitter rant and more. Tune in and spread the word.

Ep. 47 – Superman and Lois Lane joining Arrowverse crossover, Happytime Murders

For Episode 47 the gang is back to break down perhaps the worst film of 2018, The Happytime Murders. What went wrong with this fluffed up puppet farce and why can’t Melissa McCarthy have nice roles?

Superman is returning to the Arrowverse and he’s bringing Lois Lane with him. We discuss who we’d like to see play the iconic role and what traits Lois needs to have for the show.

Ep. 46 – Omarosa, Ruby Rose and James Gunn

For Episode 46 we break down the latest with James Gunn, Disney and the status of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Plus, we take a look at some possible DC franchises that could benefit from Gunn’s creativity.

Then we bash social media misfits and how they managed to drive Ruby Rose off of Twitter after she was announced as Batwoman in the Arrowverse.

Episode 45 – Most Overrated Movies, Ruby Rose as Batwoman

We’re talking about some of those films that have gotten way too much hype and we just don’t get it. And yes some of them will be movies that you love and cherish. Which of your favorite films will make our cut? Some of our choices will definitely surprise you.

Also, we talk up the controversy with Ruby Rose’s casting as Batwoman, the lack of offerings from the DC Extended Universe, MoviePass’ fate and more.

Episode 44 – So Sick of Reboots and Remakes

We’re rolling on to Episode 44 and we’re talking about the obsession with reboots and remakes. There’s a Magnum P.I. show coming this fall, along with Party of Five, a Fantasy Island movie and oh yes, even Alf.

From there we break down the new Terminator installment featuring Linda Hamilton and our thoughts on the new Venom trailer. Spoiler: it’s not pretty.

Jayce, Jovon and I break it down early, before a last minute arrival from Chief, who shares his thoughts on all the week’s news. What topic really sets Chief off this time? You might be surprised.

Ep. 43 – SDCC reactions, Top 5 Action Movies of All Time

The gang is back to break down all of the San Diego Comic Con trailers including Aquaman, Shazam!, The Walking Dead, The Flash and Arrow. Which one surprised us and which one left us puzzled?

Finally, after catching Mission: Impossible – Fallout, I’m ready to declare a new addition to the Action Movie Hall of Fame. We take our list down and decide on our Top 5 action movies of all time. Only catch? No comic book movies. Check out our picks and share yours now.

Ep. 42 – Dark Knight legacy, Casting troubles

For Episode 42, we break down the impact of The Dark Knight’s legacy and if Iron Man was the film that mattered more. We also discuss the ongoing casting controversies with Scarlett Johansson and Dwayne Johnson.

The Rock is in the news again for his casual dismissal of his Fast and Furious co-star Tyrese Gibson. The guys also share their concerns and misgivings about Shazam! and Aquaman and how they differ from Marvel Studios’ films.

Ep. 41 – Best/Worst of 2018 so far

With all the latest controversy, we break down Warner Bros’ decision to move forward with the Joaquin Phoenix Joker standalone film, the talks of Bad Boy 3 and the trouble with long wait for sequels and remakes.

We’re all excited about how Lando is going to get killed off! Billy Dee Williams is returning to the Star Wars franchise in Episode 9.

And finally, we rank the Top 5 DC Animated films. Check us out on Episode 41. Let us know what you want to hear us discuss in an upcoming episode.

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