Lyles Movie Files Podcast


Ep. 129 – Star Wars Rise of Skywalker novel issues

Though we’ve tried our best to move on, the Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker proves to be the film that just keeps on giving. This week the pending release of the novel has sparked a new wave of issues that we dive into.

Also with co-publisher Dan Didio fired from the post he’s had for years, we explore what’s in store for DC Comics and the rumored 5G relaunch. Is it even necessary at this point?

Ep. 128 – AEW Revolution 2020 review

I’m breaking down Saturday’s outstanding AEW Revolution show headlined by Jon Moxley vs. Chris Jericho for the AEW championship.

This episode features a full run down on the show including my pick for Match of the Night, what AEW is doing better than anyone and why the Young Bucks are smartly approaching the build of AEW’s tag team division.

Ep. 127 – Blockbusters that Aged Well/Poorly

We’re taking a look at blockbuster films that have survived the test of time and remain just as strong today as they did when they were first released.

Also, which films fail to hold up whether due to lousy CGI, horribly outdated tech or just premises that would immediately fail under today’s standards.

Ep. 126 – Underrated actors and actresses

Who are some of the most underrated actors in Hollywood of their generation? There’s the big stars like Leo, Pitt, Theron and Johansson, but who are those gems that always deliver despite not getting the acclaim of some of their peers?

We break down our choices on that front as well as discuss the latest news with Disney+ and Sony’s latest plan for a spin-off villain film.

Ep. 125 – Toy Fair 2020 reactions

Toy Fair 2020 has come and gone and now there’s nothing left but to talk about all the upcoming and revealed figures.

I’m breaking down a slew of reveals including:

  • Hasbro’s two Ghostbusters lines
  • Hasbro’s Marvel Legends including one long awaited X-Men fan favorite
  • The 6″ debut of GI Joe
  • Mattel reviving the WWE Legends Line
  • Jazwares All Elite Wrestling Unrivaled

Ep. 124 – NXT TakeOver Portland review

Time to look back at the latest NXT Takeover as Portland welcomes the black and gold brand.

This was an unusual show as all of the matches delivered, but I had a few issues with the match results and finishes. Tune in as I break down the card:

Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic
Dakota Kai vs. Tegan Nox
Finn Balor vs. Johnny Gargano
Rhea Ripley vs. Bianca Belair
The Broserweights vs. Undisputed Era
Adam Cole vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Ep. 123 – Spider-Verse rumors, Solo spinoff?

We’re in a Spiderverse state of mind discussing the possibilities of Morbius being set in another Spider-Man world instead of the MCU version. Also, we come up with our choices to play Spider-Woman in a live action movie.


Plus, Patty Jenkins has some ideas about a third potential Wonder Woman film and its setting. We consider what makes the most sense for this third adventure.

Ep. 122 – Birds of Prey excitement, Raimi on Doctor Strange sequel

With Birds of Prey opening this weekend, we break down our level of interest in the latest DC film from Warner Bros.

Chief gets frustrated with the news of Sam Raimi possibly replacing Scott Derrickson in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Chris Rock is heading up the continuation of the SAW saga with Spiral, but what do the fellas think about this upcoming horror film.

Sonic the Hedgehog is coming soon, but has the upgrades gotten us more interested in checking it out leading to a discussion on the failure of video game films in general.

Ep. 121 – Hammering A Fall from Grace

We held back on this episode as we wanted to get our reaction in on the Kobe Bryant tragedy. Now we’re finally delivering on our review of Tyler Perry’s latest crime against cinema — A Fall from Grace.

From bad wigs, terrible lightning and a nonsensical plot, we break down all the ways he got this one wrong. Maybe it’s time to expand the writing staff?

Ep. 120 – Kobe Bryant Reflections, Living Single/Friends outrage

It didn’t make sense to try and condense the entire Kobe Bryant tragedy into one episode and I’m back with the guys to discuss his impact and their thoughts on his death.

From there we also break down the ridiculous media coverage and those would-be social shamers intent on making the deaths about themselves.

That’s not all this episode as we discuss the social media explosion after David Schwimmer suggested Friends could be remade with an all-black or all-Asian cast, which did not sit well on Black Twitter.

Ep. 119 – RIP Kobe Bryant

It’s Super Bowl week. My Niners are in the big game, but today is a rough day as I try to reflect on my favorite Lakers player, Kobe Bryant, the day after his tragic death.

This was a rough one for me as I couldn’t quite figure out how to write about this crazy tragedy so I figured I’d try talking about it for a podcast. I break down my fun ride as a Niners and Lakers fan and the journey following two of the most iconic sports franchises of all-time.

Ep. 118 – Oscar nomination reaction

The Oscar nominations have been revealed and we’re channeling our inner Issa Rae with these nominees.

We consider some of the more controversial categories and come up with our own choices of who should have been swapped out instead of more of the comfortable, familiar old guard.

That’s not all though as we break down some of our choices for our custom awards filled with some surprises and original categories.

Ep. 117 – 2020 Preview, Golden Globes fallout

For our first episode of 2020, we break down the Golden Globes and the over/under on how many nominated films the guys actually saw during award season.

With so few nominated, we try to figure out what’s wrong with network TV and why so few shows get acclaimed.

Ep. 116 – Final Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker thoughts

Happy New Year’s Eve! For our final show of 2019 we’re breaking down our final thoughts on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

We break down some of our major issues with the final installment of the Sequel Trilogy from the return of The Emperor to Rey’s wacky Force Powers.

Ep.115 – Spoiler-Free Rise of Skywalker Q and A, Top 10 2019 Picks

The rest of the guys haven’t seen Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker yet so we did another Q&A where they ask questions and I respond in spoiler-free fashion. I also share some spoiler-free thoughts in general about the film.

Ep. 114 – Final Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker pre-viewing thoughts

With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker coming out this week, we share our final thoughts before we start seeing it including more feedback from The Last Jedi stars on their take on the film. And with Director J.J. Abrams also calling into question some Last Jedi decisions what do we think of how this trilogy can possibly wrap up.

What do we want to see in this “conclusion” of the saga and how could it wrap up in a satisfying way for us? Is that possible?

Ep. 113 – Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 1-3 Reaction

The first part of Crisis on Infinite Earths is in the books and we’re breaking down our thoughts and reactions.

Do we think the TV version has done a good eenough job capturing the flavor of the comic series?

It was Reign of the Supermen with three past and present Men of Steel showing up. And what is Lex Luthor really doing with that cheat code?

Should Supergirl and Batwoman be a regular thing and why do we feel their interaction hasn’t been as strong as one scene between The Flash and Black Lightning.

Ep. 112 – Arrowverse Progress Report, Crisis countdown

With Crisis on Infinite Earths just days away from kicking off on The CW, we break down how the Arrowverse has been leading up to the big event. Jayce and I break down what’s happened so far on Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl.

Our Crisis comic book recap continues as Jovon wonders why they can’t make comics like this anymore.

We also break down our thoughts on the new Black Widow and James Bond trailers.

Ep. 111 – Breaking Down Disney+ Launch, The Mandalorian

We all happily signed up for Disney+ and talk about our thoughts on the initial launch day from The Simpsons and our take on the new original Star Wars series The Mandalorian.

Chief can’t handle waiting week to week for new episodes and we debate if that non-binge format will work for paid streaming services.

What’s the deal with this year’s Oscar films and the same old movies coming for another award season?

Ep. 110 – Arrow, The Flash recap; Crisis comic

The Flash and Arrow have been killing it this season so we talked abut how big an improvement Flash has seen with a new showrunner. Arrow is winding down, but is some of the luster starting to wear off?

Jayce and I start breaking down the Crisis on Infinite Earths comic event and discuss why this was such a landmark comic event as we review issues 1 and 2.


Ep. 109 – Directors’ war against Marvel, 50 Worst Rappers List

In the second half of our big episode, we tackle some very controversial topics including Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese doubling down on their complaints on Marvel films and the worst rappers of all time list.

The old school directors aren’t too happy with Marvel raking in all the box office dough and we debate if they are just jealous of the Marvel juggernaut or if they have a legit point.

Ep. 108 – Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker trailer reaction

I’m heading off for a work conference, but wanted to make sure I got this out for everyone before the week passed.

We had too much to discuss to put it in just one so I split it in two. For this one we’re breaking down the final Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer. It was good enough to get one of us excited for it. The rest of us? Not so much.

We’re three episodes in to Batwoman: what’s our verdict on it so far? Supergirl is dragging in the ratings but do the guys think it’s getting a bad rap or is just killing time until Crisis on Infinite Earths?

Ep. 107 – Arrowverse Crisis Hype, 3 Best/3 Worst Jennifer Aniston

The Arrowverse got good again? We’re actually hyped talking about the build-up to Crisis on Infinite Earths with The Flash and Arrow’s latest episodes. We’re all still feeling The Walking Dead’s new season.

Are we excited about Matrix 4 in light of the new cast reveals and the possible return of Jada Pinkett Smith?

Ep. 106 – Batwoman, The Walking Dead reviews

We’re doing a double dose of podcasts this week. For Ep. 106, we break down Batwoman’s series premiere and decide if it’s worth sticking around to see how it plays out.

Duane is back to talk about his take on Joker. What’s a hardcore Batman fan think about Joaquin Phoenix’s take on The Dark Knight’s main adversary?

Ep. 105 – Wednesday Night Wars, DC Universe shows

AEW: Dynamite vs. NXT! The new Wednesday Night Wars are here. Jayce, Jovon and I talk about what it’s needed maybe more than in any time this decade.

Batwoman kicked off on The CW this week. Jayce, Gunner and I weigh in on our excitement level for the newest CW series as well as the rest of the Arrowverse shows and the latest hype with Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Ep. 104 – Favorite Movie Crews

From the Regulators to Cash Money Brothers, we talk about some of our favorite movie crews. Let’s see if one of your crew makes the cut.

Bog Iger has released a new book about his time period as Disney acquired Star Wars, Marvel and more. In the book is some interesting comments about George Lucas’ thoughts on Disney’s Star Wars first film The Force Awakens.

Ep. 103 – Films With the Most Satisfying Endings

We’ve all had these movies that were great right up until the ending. For this episode, we’re discussing some of our favorite and most satisfying film endings. We cover the classics like The Godfather and Empire Strikes Back as well as a few others you might not expect.

Check it out and see how many of them you agree with and share some of your favorites.

With news of a new Whitney Houston hologram tour, we discuss why that’s become such a popular trend now.

Ep. 102 – Guess that Favorite Movie Quote

“I doubt you’ll ever see him again.”

“I’ll make him an offer he won’t refuse”

There’s a slew of amazingly memorable movie quotes and the Lyles Movie Files podcast crew shares some of our favorites to see if we can stump each other.

Ep. 101 – Worst Films of the Decade

It Chapter Two left us rattled enough that we decided to put together our latest list of the three horror films that left us the most shook and terrified. Check out our selections and recommendations if you’re in the mood for some good options for Friday the 13th.

After a lot of buildup, we’re finally tackling our worst films of the decade. You might be surprised with some of our choices here.

Ep. 100 – Mailbag edition

It’s the 100th episode of Lyles Movie Files so you know what that means! No, it’s not a clip show, but we’re taking your questions and comments for a special listener’s mailbag edition.

We play action star survival, discuss our thoughts on Dark Rey, the best film of the best franchises and more. I don’t say this often, but this was one of my favorite episodes to record so I hope you enjoy it too.

Ep. 99 – Sony’s Spider-Man Silliness

We’re one episode away from the big milestone and we’re fired up talking about the latest fallout from Sony and Disney. Is anyone excited about the prospect of Spider-Man leaving the MCU?

Does Disney or Sony deserve the hit for the failure to keep Spidey hanging with the Marvel heroes? And how fast do we think it will take for Sony to come back to the negotiation table with Disney to keep their mega-franchise rolling in the green?

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Rian Johnson recently discussed Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which had us heated up about his vision of the franchise. At this point can he just accept the fact that not everyone enjoyed his films and found his take on some characters jarring? Probably not, but we have fun talking about it.

Ep. 98 – Top 10 All-Decade Films 2010-2019

The NBA just did it so now the crew of Lyles Movie Files does our take on the best 10 films of the decade from 2010-2019.

How many films from the Marvel Studios universe and Fast & Furious franchise make the cut?

Ep. 97 – 10 Worst Comic Book Movie and TV Performances

We broke down the best of the best last episode, so it’s only fair we pay homage to the worst of the worst with our Top 10 picks of the all-time worst comic book performances from movie and TV.

There’s plenty of options from X-Men, Catwoman, Spawn. Does anyone from the Marvel Cinematic Universe make the cut? Listen to our nominees and the tough elimination process as we break down our final 10.

Ep. 96 – 10 Best Comic Book Performances

It’s time for us to finally reach a huge compromise as we try to pin down the Top 10 comic book performances. We’re not just limiting the list to film so they’re some TV performances that make the list too.

There’s a few unanimous choices and then some random ones that surprise all of us. Who made the cut from Batman Forever and Watchmen?

Ep. 95 – Black 007 Controversy, Netflix Woes and more

We’re talking the latest controversy with Lashana Lynch being cast the new 007 for Bond 25. Some small-brains are acting in typical fashion after a change to the “established” order, but some of the guys question why Bond would lose his 007 and if he should have his tag retired.

Netflix didn’t meet its anticipated subscriber forecasts. What can the streamer do to get people excited about its product again?

In advance of San Diego Comic Con, we talk about what we hope to see with the latest Arrowverse news as it builds to Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Ep. 94 – Ranking the Top 5 Action Figure Reveals of SDCC 2019

It’s San Diego Comic Con 2019 time and while we’re not there, I’ve been keeping a keen eye on all of the big figure reveals from the various companies.

With so many cool options I decided to rank the companies in terms of who made the biggest splash, the best reveals and made the biggest impression as we head into the 2020 cycle of figure collecting.

There’s new additions from Hasbro with the Marvel Legends line, the swan song of the DC Multiverse, a surprising reversal of DC Essentials’ fate, the onslaught of Storm Collectibles figures and more. I break them down based on which line had me the most interested in spending my hard earned money this fall and next year.

Ep. 92 – Our Pitches for the Next Great Movie Series

With Marvel Studios showing how much money is in the franchise business, we make our pitch to sell our new sure to be blockbuster series.

And we’ve got the toughest producers in the room as we decide if our movie franchises are bankable enough to warrant getting financed.

Tune in for some unpredictable choices and see if we’ve got anything that would catch your ear.

Ep. 91 – Do We Have Franchise Fatigue?

With Avengers: Endgame closing in on Avatar’s all-time record we share how we’re going to try and help the cause. Also, is there any reason to be excited about Avatar sequels?

According to Marvel Studios Exec Kevin Feige, he’s reached and considered Keanu Reeves for practically every film, but has yet to find the perfect role. We try our luck figuring out the perfect role for The One and find out why it’s been so tough. Hear our choice for the best Marvel Studios role for Keanu Reeves.

Franchises and sequels have largely suffered this summer so we try and explore if franchise fatigue is real or if it’s more of a case where people just want to see better quality films?

Ep. 90 – Breaking down NBA off-season so far

With the NBA Finals over and a new champion crowned, superstars are already being traded and the buzz is all about the incoming rookies. Jayce, Jovon and I take a break from our normal movie and TV discussions to break down these changes; who emerges as the new favorite and where we think Kawhi Leonard should play next year.

Also we consider the debate of the Jordan era Bulls vs. the KD, Steph and Klay Warriors.

Ep. 89 – Why Did Dark Phoenix Fail?

I’m going solo today discussing why 20th Century Fox’s final X-Men film, Dark Phoenix, was such a massive failure at the box office after managing only $51 million in its first two weekends.

If you’ve never read The Phoenix Saga, this is a perfect chance to get a quick recap of one of the greatest comic book stories ever and get a better sense on why Dark Phoenix was destined to fail from the start in this special episode.

Ep. 88 – Can We Still Trust DC Films?

The Robert Pattinson casting as the new Batman has stirred up some controversy and a ton of bad Twilight jokes, but is the casting solid? We look at some potential fan casting of the Rogues Pattinson’s Batman could face in the film.

Ep. 87 – Fan casting MCU X-Men

With Dark Phoenix looking to soar right to the ash heap, we’re answering a listener question challenging us to come up with our dream cast for the Marvel Cinematic Universe X-Men films.

Would we keep any of the existing cast or start all over again?

Ep. 86 – Losing Our Minds Over Arrowverse Season Finales

It’s a wrap for this year’s Arrowverse shows and now it’s time to share our take on everything that happened on Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl.

Which show left us the most annoyed and which one had us hopeful for the upcoming season? Tune in and check us out.

Ep. 85 – Game of Thrones finale

Game of Thrones is over. I gave the guys some time to gather their thoughts and share their thoughts as we break down the most discussed series finale in years.

Were the guys excited about how things turned out? Did they think storylines were properly wrapped? What did they want to see happen that didn’t? What did the GOT finale lack?

Ep. 84 – Combating Fan Franchise Outrage

What happens when a franchise’s fan base turns on the property? How can creators turn the tide when the fans start getting upset when the property starts taking turns that they don’t like?

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We also break down the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones with all of our theories for the series finale. Did Daenerys’ heel turn leave us outraged or did we feel it was a well-earned moment?

Ep. 83 – The Latest Shows to Make You Rage Quit

There’s a point where every show does that one unforgivable act or has just gone on a slow burn of frustrating you so the crew decided to talk about what shows lately have made us rage quit.

That’s especially relevant after these last few episodes of Game of Thrones have left longtime viewers angry and swearing it off for good as a terrible show.

Ep. 82 – 3 Best/3 Worst of Robert Downey Jr.

Hot on the heels of Avengers: Endgame, we figured it made complete sense to finally do the 3 Best/3 Worst for the guy that got the Marvel Studios juggernaut rolling, Robert Downey Jr. himself.

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No, we don’t just choose all of his Iron Man roles so tune in and see which films make the cut. You might have missed some as the guys go deep in RDJ’s resume for some choices.

Ep. 81 – Avengers Endgame and GOT reactions

It’s that time of the month! We’re breaking down the biggest nerd/geek weekend of 2019 as we share all of our spoiler thoughts on Avengers: Endgame.

What did we think of the runaway record shattering blockbuster? Were we happy with the resolutions to character arcs or left disappointed? Did we like the middle chapter twist and what’d we think of the final act and teases for the future of the MCU?

Ep. 80 – Taking the 7 Film Franchise Challenge

We take the Film Twitter challenge of taking seven films from any franchise to create the ultimate movie marathon. Let us know whose picks have you most excited to watch.

Ep. 79 – WrestleMania 35 Review Pt 2

Jovon and I are back to wrap up our coverage of WrestleMania 35 as we break down the final stretch of matches.

We talk about the underwhelming and suspense-less Batista and Triple H match, the short and sweet Finn Balor vs Bobby Lashley encounter. If Rey Mysterio and Samoa Joe did anything for us at all and John Cena’s return. We try to figure out what happened with the Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre match and then break down the historic main event of Charlotte Flair vs. Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch.

Ep. 78 – Is Marvel Studios the Most Dominant Movie Franchise Now?

Is there another franchise that can match Marvel Studios in terms of providing the ultimate, most satisfying viewing experience? We go through some potential challengers to see if anyone can come close from James Bond, Harry Potter, Star Wars and more. Tune in to see if we can agree if anyone rivals or surpasses the MCU.

Also, everyone’s caught up and we break down Season 9 of The Walking Dead, which was easily one of the strongest in the series. Did it make Jovon think twice about hating it so often over the year? Will Gunner return to the fold and give it another chance too?

And we’re thrilled to discuss Emily Bett Rickards’ decision to leave Arrow at the end of this season.

Chief goes in on DC’s Film Universe and goes off on a big, must-listen rant.

Ep. 77 – NXT TakeOver and WrestleMania 35 Review Pt 1

Jovon has been missing out on NXT and the greatness that has been NXT TakeOver so for WrestleMania weekend he took me up on the challenge to watch the epic event from Friday night. What’d he think of War Raiders vs. Alestair Black and Ricochet? Which legendary teams did he compare the NXT tag champs to and what was Jovon’s reaction to seeing the 2 out of 3 falls NXT title match between Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano?

From there we start the first half of WrestleMania from the pre-show and rounding things up with the Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan match. It’s a fun show and interesting insight from a lapsed fan in Jovon getting back into the product.

Ep. 76 – 3 Best/3 Worst Sandra Bullock

We’ve gone over Sandra Bullock’s impressive resume and have finally narrowed our choices for the 3 Best and 3 Worst performances of the two-time Oscar winner.

Where does The Blind Side fall on our list? Does Speed make the cut and the guys show an unexpected amount of love to one of Bullock’s earliest roles. Find out what makes the list and which film we all agreed was clearly one of Bullock’s best performances.

Ep. 75 – Us review, Avengers Endgame run time, Walking Dead’s Red Wedding

For our big 75th anniversary show, we’re dishing on The Walking Dead’s take on Game of Thrones. Were these latest developments enough to get some of our stragglers back on board with the show?

Now that we’ve all caught Us, everyone’s got some thoughts on it. Did it leave us all shook?

Ep. 74 – Michael Keaton’s 3 Best/3 Worst Films

We’re building up to a big show for our 75th installment so we’ve got a shorter one for you early this week.

We’re breaking down the 3 Best/3 Worst films of the Oscar nominated Michael Keaton. There’s a lot of good choices on the Best list and we struggled a little on the worst, but see if you agree with our choices.

Ep. 73 – College Admission Scandal, Avengers Endgame hype

For episode 73 we’re steaming or mildly heated about this college admission scandal that’s sunk the career of Aunt Becky and others. Is cheating parents OK for the sake of their children or should we not bother being surprised about anything wealthy folks do at all?

Also, the new Avengers: Endgame trailer dropped. How hyped are we for the conclusion of the Avengers: Infinity Saga?

Ep. 72 – Best Comic Movie Trilogy, Muting Michael Jackson?

We’re weighing in on the best comic book movie trilogy. Does it just come down to Christopher Nolan’s series and the Captain America trilogy or could Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Superman enter the discussion as well?

And we have a long discussion in the wake of Leaving Neverland if it’s time to mute Michael Jackson?

Bonus: Talking Oscars and 2019 with WAFCA head Tim Gordon

Tim Gordon, the president of the Washington Area Film Critics Association, came through to chat about the Oscars, how critics groups help steer the discussion on the hot movies and why thought pieces keeping it in the conversation led to Green Book winning Best Picture.

As the man behind Film Gordon, Tim breaks down the reality of Oscar voting and which category the Academy Awards really needs to include.

Ep. 71 – Oscars Reaction, Halle Berry 3 Best/3 Worst

The Oscars are over and in the books for another year. What’d we think of the award winners including the oh so controversial Green Book taking home the coveted Best Picture.  It’s been a while since we talked about the Arrowverse so we catch up on what’s going on with Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, Black Lightning and even Gotham. Chief and Jayce are fed up with Supergirl while Gunner has come around on Gotham.

We also break down Halle Berry’s 3 Best and 3 Worst Films. This was the first time we all agreed on a unanimous Best and Worst film. Check out our other options on what was easily one of our crazier shows.

Ep. 70 – Jussie Smollett is an Idiot, Brad Pitt’s 3 Best/3 Worst

There’s no escaping the big news of the week so for Episode 70 we spend a lot of time trying to come up with a bigger Dummy of the Week/Month than Jussie Smollett the disgraced Empire star who got busted for staging an attack.

Also, we skip the Oscars and hand out our own awards, we discuss what we want to see in the Chris Hemsworth/Hulk Hogan biopic, our annoyance with The Punisher and Jessica Jones’ cancellation and break down our 3 Best/3 Worst films starring Brad Pitt.

Ep. 69 – Casting Celebrity Big Brother 3; Christian Bale’s 3 Best/3 Worst

We’re showing y’all a little love with Episode 69 as we try and figure out which celebrities would make for the biggest trainwreck of entertainment on Celebrity Big Brother 3. Would TO or Mike Tyson make for the most entertaining athlete?

Also, we’re breaking in a new feature: 3 Best/3 Worst. To kick things off we’re starting with Christian Bale. With so many quality films, which will make our list?

The Walking Dead is back and we’re talking about the future of the series in the wake of Dania Gurira’s pending departure. And we’re also talking about the CW Arrowverse renewals and a special round of Dummies of the Week.

Ep. 68 – Is Brady the Goat and should Liam Neeson be cancelled?

In the wake of the SuperBowl, we consider if Tom Brady really is The GOAT or if he benefits from being in the perfect era for quarterbacks?

Next up, we have a heated discussion about the Liam Neeson controversy. Listen in to see who tries to cut him a break and who decides if Liam Neeson is cancelled.

We also discuss the Kristoff St. John tragedy with the suicide of the Young and the Restless star.

Ep. 67 – Too Many Sequels? The Punisher Season 2 and Glass thoughts

Sorry for the delay in episodes crew. I’ve been battling this Death Flu for nearly two weeks and my voice went MIA on me.

That of course means Episode 67 is now a bit dated as I’m hyping The Punisher Season 2 on Netflix and trying not to get too spoilery while talking about Glass, but we had a lot of fun on this one.

Also, Jovon dishes out some Heroes of the Week and we find more than a few more Dummies of the Week.

Ep. 66 – Thoughts on Surviving R. Kelly

Surviving R. Kelly is all anybody’s talking about these days and we’re finally breaking down our take on the controversial documentary series on Episode 66.

We all know R. Kelly is a cretin, but why did it it take so long for people to truly speak out and what’s led to people deciding to something about it now?

Plus, we’ve also got our Dummy of the Week to hand out that is surprisingly not going to one Robert Kelly. Tune in to Episode 66 and get the scoop!

Ep. 65 – Golden Globe 2019 winners, Green Book mess

It’s Episode 65 and we’ve got a ton of opinions about the 2019 Golden Globes including the snubs of Black Panther, Bohemian Rhapsody becoming a big player in award season and the ickiness of the Green Book’s behind the scenes drama in the midst of receiving so many awards.


We also talk about sequels from the need to have a sixth Final Destination film to the surprising mostly official announcement of Coming to America 2.

Here’s what we’ve got to say about all this and be on the lookout for the next episode where we tackle the full “Surviving R. Kelly” controversy.

Ep. 64 – 1st Quarter 2019 Movie Preview, Avengers: Endgame

For Episode 64, we had big plans of breaking down all of the major films we’re looking forward to seeing. Predictably, that didn’t go too smoothly as the guys questioned Keanu Reeves’ legacy, the name of Liam Neeson’s character in his new movie and still missing Edward Norton in the Avengers.


We also talk about Avengers: Endgame and the end of Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans’ Marvel Studios contract. And how will the X-Men and Fantastic Four come into play?

Episode 63 – What Made Our Top 10 Films List for 2018?

We went through our list and checked it twice and now we’re ready to share our Top 10 List of films for 2018. What made the cut and which films unanimously made our lists?

Also, we talk more on Aquaman’s box office success and what it means for future Warner Bros. DC Films. And what is the future for Transformers after Bumblebee?

Gunner, Jovon and Jayce also break down Sandra Bullock’s latest with the Netflix sensation, Bird Box.

Then it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Who won the coveted Dummy of the Year award? There’s too many good options, but only one can emerge. Who won? Listen in to find out.

Episode 62 – Aquaman, Bumblebee reviews

For episode 62 we’re talking two of the biggest movies for Christmas – Aquaman and Bumblebee. Most of us caught Aquaman and we’re debating now if Warner Bros. finally has a winning formula for its DC films.

And with Bumblebee as the first live-action Transformers film without Michael Bay, can the franchise finally roll out properly?

Ep. 60 – Oscars/Hart drama, Arrowverse midseason review

Kevin Hart’s past comes back to haunt him just as he’s announced the Oscars host. Hear our take on if he should have remained in the gig despite refusing to apologize…at first.

We break down the Golden Globe nominees and Jovon sells Chief on checking out Roma. Also, we talk why a Crazy Rich Asians win is one of the best possible outcomes.

Ep. 59 – What’s Your Go-to Christmas movie?

We’re talking about our go-to Christmas movie from the classics to the modern classics, which ones do we have to see every December.

Jovon still isn’t happy with The Walking Dead even with the arrival of The Whisperers. Can we manage to get him excited for the return of the second half of a much improved season?

Ep. 58 – Creed II Director Steven Caple Jr. and Florian Munteanu on tears and Russian bad guys

Creed II Director Steven Caple Jr. and co-star Florian Munteanu were in town to discuss the film. Dealing with the expectations, what made them cry and why the Drago family couldn’t be cliche Russian villains.

Ep. 57 – Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor, Agents of SHIELD early renewal

We try to work through our feelings about the casting of Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor in the Arrowverse. We break down what had to be an immensely complicated casting process and the several other candidates that would have made for a better choice for the role.

Chief is finally caught up with The Walking Dead and he’s excited about the prospect of these talking walkers.

Ep. 56 – Rick Grimes’ last Walking Dead episode, Viggo’s N-Word controversy

We can’t agree on anything, but the gang tries to reach common ground on Rick Grimes’ final episode on The Walking Dead. Who hated it and who thought it opens up a wealth of new possibilities for the series?

Also, we talk the Viggo Mortensen N-Word controversy. Are people blowing it out of proportion?

We’re also talking why music biopics like Bohemian Rhapsody have to change up actual events to make the movie more entertaining for mainstream audiences.

Ep. 55 – Arrowverse’s Diversity Problem

With the recent reveal on The Flash, for Episode 55 we take a deep dive at the Arrowverse’s attempts at diversity. Where it’s working, what needs immediate improvement and why this universe still has more aliens than Asian characters.


Ep. 54 – Fixing Franchises

For Episode 54, we’re talking about how we would fix certain franchises that have fallen from grace. How would we fix DC Extended Universe, Transformers, X-Men and The Terminator series? Find out.

Also, we rave over Daredevil Season 3 while collectively scratching our heads over Netflix’s decision to cancel Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

We break down the latest week in TV shows from Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and The Walking Dead.

Plus, can Kanye West lose his dummy of the week championship? Will these contenders dethrone the champ? Tune in to Episode 54 find out!

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures

Episode 53 – Here’s what’s wrong with The Walking Dead

We’re on to Episode 53 and we’re talking about The Walking Dead.

Specifically if Jovon is dead wrong in his insistence that The Walking Dead showrunners would be stupid for killing off Rick Grimes before the season finale.

Shocker, women actually like sci-fi! Why is it taking so long for executives to take more chances like the female Dr. Who?

Kiera Knightely and Kristen Bell have issues with old school fairy tale films for their lack of positive messages of female empowerment. But do we really need to bring in modern values for cartoons that didn’t have a MeToo voice in the room?

Episode 52 – Gambit: A Love Story? Fall Movie Preview

The Lyles Movie Files podcast crew gets in on the Gambit change-up from a heist film to a romantic comedy with action elements.

We’re also sharing our top picks for films we’re most excited for with our Fall Movie Preview.

Did the latest Dark Phoenix trailer turn our opinion on the film or are we still just waiting for Marvel Studios to gain control of the X-Men license? Check out the full show now.

Episode 51 – Captain Marvel trailer reaction, Birds of Prey casting news

For Episode 51 the gang is all here at one place for our wildest and loudest installment yet. Tune in as we break down the Captain Marvel trailer, which somehow turns into a breakdown on how Warner Bros. has botched its superhero universe.

From there we talk about the casting choices for Birds of Prey and why those great options might not matter. Hear our take on the Kevin Hart/Katt Williams dramatic saga and who was in the wrong.

We also discuss how Walt Disney cutting back on its Star Wars films output is a great thing. It’s all here and more on Episode 51.

Episode 50 – Who’s Still a Movie Star?

It’s our first big milestone as the Lyles Movie Files Podcast crew celebrates Episode 50.

The whole gang is here as we discuss which movie stars bring us to the theaters and which fading stars have lost our trust. What choice makes Jayce question Gunner’s credibility and why does Chief no longer believe in movie stars?

We also discuss Nicolas Cage’s new bizarre and amazing film, Mandy, and the controversy and problems with the latest installment in The Predator series.

Thanks for listening to Episode 50 and we’re psyched about the next 50! Enjoy the show and don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment so we know what you’d like to hear us discuss on future shows.

Ep. 49 – Nicki vs. Cardi, Nike Burning

It’s Episode 49 and we’ve got a lot of thoughts on the week’s events! We break down how trash Les Moonves is for trying to end Janet Jackson’s career after ‘Nipplegate’ in light of him about to get booted from CBS. We also talk about the dummies burning their NIKE shoes and clothing due to the Colin Kaepernick ads.

We also have a lengthy discussion on the Academy Awards shelving the Popular Film category. We’re amazed at the major improvements on Iron Fist Season 2 and more. Give it a listen and get ready for Episode 50!

Ep. 48 – What’s the Best Movie Soundtrack?

There’s a ton of good contenders, but for Episode 48, the Lyles Movie Files Podcast crew debate what’s the best movie soundtrack.

Where does Purple Rain fit in the discussion and what’s the best 90s option with so many quality hits? What about Kill Bill Vol. 2? Grab your Beats headphones and start thinking of your favorites and see if any of them get mentioned in this conversation.

We’ve also got some sure to be controversial thoughts on Louie CK’s return, Nicki Minaj’s Twitter rant and more. Tune in and spread the word.

Ep. 47 – Superman and Lois Lane joining Arrowverse crossover, Happytime Murders

For Episode 47 the gang is back to break down perhaps the worst film of 2018, The Happytime Murders. What went wrong with this fluffed up puppet farce and why can’t Melissa McCarthy have nice roles?

Superman is returning to the Arrowverse and he’s bringing Lois Lane with him. We discuss who we’d like to see play the iconic role and what traits Lois needs to have for the show.

Ep. 46 – Omarosa, Ruby Rose and James Gunn

For Episode 46 we break down the latest with James Gunn, Disney and the status of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Plus, we take a look at some possible DC franchises that could benefit from Gunn’s creativity.

Then we bash social media misfits and how they managed to drive Ruby Rose off of Twitter after she was announced as Batwoman in the Arrowverse.

Episode 45 – Most Overrated Movies, Ruby Rose as Batwoman

We’re talking about some of those films that have gotten way too much hype and we just don’t get it. And yes some of them will be movies that you love and cherish. Which of your favorite films will make our cut? Some of our choices will definitely surprise you.

Also, we talk up the controversy with Ruby Rose’s casting as Batwoman, the lack of offerings from the DC Extended Universe, MoviePass’ fate and more.

Episode 44 – So Sick of Reboots and Remakes

We’re rolling on to Episode 44 and we’re talking about the obsession with reboots and remakes. There’s a Magnum P.I. show coming this fall, along with Party of Five, a Fantasy Island movie and oh yes, even Alf.

From there we break down the new Terminator installment featuring Linda Hamilton and our thoughts on the new Venom trailer. Spoiler: it’s not pretty.

Jayce, Jovon and I break it down early, before a last minute arrival from Chief, who shares his thoughts on all the week’s news. What topic really sets Chief off this time? You might be surprised.

Ep. 43 – SDCC reactions, Top 5 Action Movies of All Time

The gang is back to break down all of the San Diego Comic Con trailers including Aquaman, Shazam!, The Walking Dead, The Flash and Arrow. Which one surprised us and which one left us puzzled?

Finally, after catching Mission: Impossible – Fallout, I’m ready to declare a new addition to the Action Movie Hall of Fame. We take our list down and decide on our Top 5 action movies of all time. Only catch? No comic book movies. Check out our picks and share yours now.

Ep. 42 – Dark Knight legacy, Casting troubles

For Episode 42, we break down the impact of The Dark Knight’s legacy and if Iron Man was the film that mattered more. We also discuss the ongoing casting controversies with Scarlett Johansson and Dwayne Johnson.

The Rock is in the news again for his casual dismissal of his Fast and Furious co-star Tyrese Gibson. The guys also share their concerns and misgivings about Shazam! and Aquaman and how they differ from Marvel Studios’ films.

Ep. 41 – Best/Worst of 2018 so far

With all the latest controversy, we break down Warner Bros’ decision to move forward with the Joaquin Phoenix Joker standalone film, the talks of Bad Boy 3 and the trouble with long wait for sequels and remakes.

We’re all excited about how Lando is going to get killed off! Billy Dee Williams is returning to the Star Wars franchise in Episode 9.

And finally, we rank the Top 5 DC Animated films. Check us out on Episode 41. Let us know what you want to hear us discuss in an upcoming episode.

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