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Ep. 40 – Luke Cage Season 2 Review, Scarlett Johansson casting

It’s Episode 40 and we’re talking about Bushmaster, Mariah Stokes(!), Tilda, Claire and of course Luke Cage. We break down why the second season of Luke Cage was even better than the first and what we want to see next from Marvel Netflix.

Also, we discuss crazy fans who made Ahmed Best consider suicide and show up on Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s doorstep. From there we talk about the latest Scarlett Johansson casting controversy and Idris Elba appearing as the villain on the latest Fast and Furious spin-off.

Ep. 39 – DC Universe, Rock coming for Star Wars

We welcome back Gunner for Episode 39 as we talk about DC Universe and all the exciting possibilities in store for it including the Titans, Doom Patrol and Young Justice series.

Also, we talk about Jared Leto moving over to a new comic book character role as he’s playing Morbius in a Spider-Man spin-off.

How strong is Dwayne Johnson’s box office power and is he strong enough to outdraw or break even with Star Wars Episode 9? Check out all our takes on Episode 39.

Ep. 38 – Star Wars Spin-Offs, Supergirl Finale Rant

For Episode 38, Chief goes on an epic rant on the season finale of Supergirl. He’s over and done with it, but is he taking any of the rest of the crew with him too?

We also break down the changes coming to The Walking Dead and our thoughts on Shane’s return.

Chief and Jovon break down Incredibles 2 and Superfly and we talk about our apprehension about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

We also consider Lucasfilm’s rumored decision to delay further Star Wars spin-offs films. Jayce and I discuss Hotel Artemis and if it’s worth filling a vacancy in the movie theater to check out. It’s all here on Episode 38.

Ep. 37 – Failed Famous Hollywood Stars

There’s a ton of actors and actresses that Hollywood has tried valiantly to make into stars. We break down the biggest would-be famous. Who came close to breaking through and which ones did we completely disagree with?

We also break down the latest bit of craziness on Supergirl, our thoughts on Incredibles 2 and Superfly. It’s all here on Episode 37.

Ep. 36 – 2018 Summer Movie Preview, Trashy Star Wars ‘fans’

Summer movie season is upon us so for Episode 36, we break down all of the summer films. OK, not all of them. Just the ones on our most excited list like Sorry to Bother You, Crazy Rich Asians and The Incredibles 2.

And then on the flip side we talk about those summer films that have left us completely cold with absolutely no interest in checking them out in theaters. You know the ones. Some of them are probably on your list too.

Ep. 35 – Why Solo flopped, Drake/Pusha T thoughts, Walking Dead changes

Breaking down why Solo failed to make much an impact at the box office. Was it simply because of no lightsabers?

Looking back at Star Wars lore, we manage to win over Jovan who has a new appreciation for the prequels and Hayden Christensen in particular. What happened?

Also, we give our 80 cents on the Drake/Pusha T beef. Is it good for rap or a pointless waste of time?

We talk about Jamie Foxx’s casting in the new Spawn film by Blumhouse and if that has us excited, Andrew Lincoln stepping down from Walking Dead and hot takes on the latest Roseanne controversy.

Ep. 34 – Arrowverse Grades, You Might Be Watching an Arrowverse Show if…

After 300+ episodes there’s enough to know what unique traits occur in Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning. The guys join me in playing a special game of calling out those Arrowverse cliches. You’ll be surprised at how long we can keep this bad boy going.

The Arrowverse gets graded. Find out which show passed with honors and which ones came close to failing.  Check out the season finale recaps of The Flash, Arrow and latest updates of Legends of Tomorrow.

Ep. 33 – Interview with Chewbacca actor Joonas Suotamo of Solo: A Star Wars Story

For Episode 33, we’ve got a special interview with Chewbacca actor Joonas Suotamo of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Joonas breaks down his creative process, what the role of Chewie means to him, what valuable advice Harrison Ford gave him and even his favorite Star Wars movie in the saga.

Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check out my review of Solo on the main page.

Ep. 32 – TV Shows to Renew/Cancel, Biopics

For Episode 32, we’re breaking down the shows that were renewed and what got cancelled. Putting on our imaginary TV studio head hat, we decide which ones that got renewed should have been put out of misery while breaking down which ones that got cancelled probably deserved a stay of execution.

Also, we look at music biopics that should come to the big screen and which artists would make for compelling films. Plus, I provide a spoiler-free look at Solo and we look at Deadpool 2.

It’s all here in Episode 32. Please subscribe to the show on iTunes.

Ep. 31 – Upgrade director Leigh Whannell

Upgrade director Leigh Whannell, the co-creator of Saw and Insidious, speaks with Lyles Movie Files to discuss the thought process of his new film, what lessons he gained from horror films that educated this sci-fi thriller, his previous stint as a film critic and more.

Lyles Movie Files held a giveaway for a May 16 screening of Upgrade. Did you catch it? If so, drop a comment and let me know what you thought. Missed that giveaway? There’s still time to get passes for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Hope you enjoy the interview and check out Upgrade on June 1.

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