Lyles Movie Files Podcast

Ep. 30 – 3 Ways to Fix the CW Arrowverse and Favorite 80s/90s Cartoons

It’s Episode 30 and the crew is being joined by my cousin, Duane Brickhouse, to talk about three ways to improve the Arrowverse. What silly go to plot devices need to get ditched? Why so many experts on everything and more? We help ‘save’ the Arrowverse.

Also, we continue our fun talking about our favorite 80s and 90s cartoon shows. Which ones do you remember and which ones do you need to watch for the first time on Netflix and YouTube? We’ve got you covered. Plus, the TV dummy of the week and more.

Ep. 29 – 80s Cartoons That Deserve Movies, Flash and Supergirl recaps

With so many popular options taken, we decided to play Hollywood producer and pitch our favorite cartoons that we want to see become blockbuster films. Some of our picks will definitely shock you and test your knowledge of old school great cartoons.

Also, Chief has a ton of issues with the latest happenings in Supergirl as Jovon finally catches up after a long marathon session. Check out their gripes and problems with Supergirl that extend well beyond her new cape trick.

And as usual, we go off the rails discussing a few topics so tune in and check out all the craziness.

Ep. 28 – Avengers Infinity War Review (spoiler-free) and Interview with Brian Cronin

Avengers: Infinity War is here! Jayce and I break down a non-spoiler review of the film and talk about the proper viewing order to be completely ready for Marvel’s biggest masterpiece.

Once again, we try to predict the box office haul and how much it could bring in opening weekend.

Ben Cronin, author of 100 Things X-Men Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die, drops by to talk about the book, his favorite underappreciated character and some of his top creative teams. You can order the book here.

Ep. 27 – Top 5 Marvel Movies, Walking Dead Finale, Shark Jumping Off Films/TV

It’s a super sized edition of Episode 27, we count down to Avengers: Infinity War with our Top 5 Marvel Studios films, which film made every list? OK, maybe it’s not that big a surprise since it’s still in theaters.

With Walking Dead and Black Lightning wrapping their seasons, we break down how successful they were and what we’re looking forward to from them in the fall. Supergirl is back. Did it come back soaring? What about Flash and Arrow? We break them down too.

Also, we look at that moment we couldn’t get stick with a movie franchise or TV show any longer. It’s the shark jumping moment. Some of our choices might surprise you.

Ep. 26 – Sequels That Arrived Too Late & Characters You Used to Hate/Love

For Episode 26, we break down films that waited too long to crank out its new sequel. See if any of your favorite long delayed sequels made the cut and why the window maybe closed to make that latest installment work.

Also we talk about TV characters who we started off hating and eventually came to love and the flip side with characters we used to love and now completely hate.

The Flash is back and we explore why Ralph has been the biggest stretch to make a worthwhile character and is dragging down Season 4. Also, we break down some questionable Saviors’ decision on The Walking Dead.

Ep. 25 – Biggest Movie Shocks, What is Avengers 4 spoiler and Fast & Furious drama

For our silver anniversary show, we’re talking about what could possibly be the big spoiler with Avengers 4 and we tie that in to movies that completely swerved us with terrific twists.

Then we break down more of the Rock/Vin Diesel beef and how it could impact the Fast and Furious franchise and why we think they need to get over it.

Finally, we break down The Walking Dead, Black Lightning’s breakthrough and the latest round of foolishness on Arrow. Plus, we name a new Dumbest TV Character of the Week.

Ep. 24 – Why Haven’t We Bought Last Jedi Yet?

For Episode 24, I try to figure out why I haven’t been motivated to pick up Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Blu-Ray yet and the guys do a terrible job of convincing me to get it. Chief compares one big moment to his utter disappointment in watching Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

We talk about the delays for X-Men: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants to 2019 and if it will change our expectations and excitement about it at all. What’s this have to do with rotten meat. Don’t miss this crazy analogy. Plus, some new cast reveals for Captain Marvel have us very excited.

What do we think about Wonder Woman 2’s new cast announcement? All that plus our thoughts on The Walking Dead and our locks for the TV Idiot of the Week.

Episode 23 – TV Shows to Watch List, Band Break Ups to Make Up

In Episode 23 of Lyles Movie Files Podcast, we’re breaking down what TV shows are on our watch list. Those are the shows we know we should have watched a long time ago, but keep faking on checking out.

Also, we break down why Trish was so messy on Jessica Jones Season 2, our excitement over the new Avengers: Infinity War trailer and our Walking Dead breakdown.

Finally, in the wake of the Fifth Harmony hiatus announcement, we look at some of our favorite musical groups that broke up and had successful solo careers only to come back together in the end.

Episode 22 – Defending Your Guilty Pleasure Movie

For Episode 22, we have our first round of Defend Your Guilty Pleasure Movie.

Gunner, Chief, Jayce, Jovon and I present one movie to the court and we try to defend it even though deep down we all can agree there are some major trash elements to it.

So order in the court as we prepare to defend our guilty pleasure movie!

Episode 21 – Jessica Jones Season 2, Tomb Raider, Toys R Us Farewell

In Episode 21, we break down Jessica Jones Season 2 and the seeming lack of buzz for the latest Marvel Netflix show. Has the thrill gone?

Also, we take a look at Tomb Raider and our excitement level for the latest reboot of the popular game series. Was it really needed and how many of the guys are excited about checking it out.

We break down our thoughts on Black Lightning and The Walking Dead and the worst character right now on The Flash.

Plus, I give a special tribute to my favorite store the soon to be departed Toys R Us.

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