10 best Comic Book Movie Costumes

As comic book movies began increasing in popularity and frequency in the late 1990s and early 2000s, a very annoying trend was developing. Filmmakers seemed embarrassed about making comic book movies and ditched the more colorful outfits found in the comics.

Instead, they slapped some black leather uniforms together a la The Matrix and hoped audiences would take the characters more seriously. It always bugged me since the filmmakers were just fine asking the audience to go along with guys shooting laser blasts from their eyes or flying around in metal suits, but a costume with a little color was a problem???

But as comic book movies proved their staying power, more filmmakers decided they could be a bit more creative and let their designers have more fun with costumes leading to outfits that better reflected their comic book inspiration. There’s plenty of options so I figured let’s break down the best of the best comic book movie costumes.

And this topic was too much fun to do alone so in the spirit of comic books, I’m doing team-ups. Joining me are the lovely and talented Leslie Combemale aka Cinema Siren (CS), Christine Munchak aka “Geek Princess” (GP) and Third Eye Comics‘ Steve Anderson (SA) to offer their perspective on the list.

Let’s get it started.