Special Features

As I’m starting to crank out more content I figured this would be a good hub for anyone looking for any specific feature or write-up.

My Top 20

I’ve seen too many movies to narrow my favorites down to a Top 10 so I’m taking the chump way out and giving myself an extra 10 so I have some wiggle room if I see a must-add anytime soon.


Project: Bond

James Bond 007 logo

A first-time look at all the James Bond films with a contemporary perspective.

Cast an Uncanny X-Men film


Help me fan cast the perfect team for a film series focusing on the 80s X-Men.

The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania Streak
in action figure pictures

The Undertaker Wrestlemania Streak - vs. Superfly - Hebner countsWatch The Dead Man journey through Wrestlemania in his record-setting Streak.

Wrestlemania Main Events in action figure form

Wrestlemania 13 - Bret Hart vs Stone Cold - Bret goes for ringbell

From Wrestlemania to Wrestlemania 32, see what the big matches of every year look like done in action figure form.