Marvel Netflix TV Reviews

Expanding from its cinematic and network TV format, Marvel has found a successful partnership with Netflix. With two acclaimed seasons of Daredevil, a well-received Jessica Jones series and Luke Cage pending, Marvel Netflix has become a force on the streaming market.

Rather than breaking down each series on separate pages, this is your one stop guide for all of the Marvel Netflix TV series. Additionally, here’s the Episode Guide for all the Marvel Netflix shows in case you’re binging and need to figure out the proper viewing order.

I try to get through the reviews as quickly as I can. As a one man operation that gets tricky at times. If you missed any or simply want to hear my thoughts on an episode, put the remote down and check them out.


Jessica Jones

Daredevil Season 2

Luke Cage

Iron Fist

The Defenders

The Punisher

Jessica Jones Season 2

Luke Cage Season 2

Iron Fist Season 2

Daredevil Season 3

The Punisher Season 2