WandaVision TV Reviews and Episodes Guide List

Avengers members Wanda and The Vision confront a very different reality in WandaVision where nothing is as simple as it seems. WandaVision is the first official TV series from Marvel Studios films with a blend of the cinematic actors and a shorter episode count. Here’s the main hub for all of the WandaVision TV review links and episode release guide.

Episode 1 – Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience (Jan. 15)

Episode 2 – Don’t Touch That Dial (Jan. 15)

Episode 3 – Now in Color (Jan. 22)

Episode 4 – We Interrupt This Program (Jan. 29)

Episode 5 – On a Very Special Episode (Feb. 5)

Episode 6 – All-New Halloween Spooktacular (Feb. 12)

Episode 7 – Breaking the Fourth Wall (Feb. 19)

Photo Credit: Disney+