DC Multiverse Green Lantern Kyle Rayner figure review

While I’m curious to see what McFarlane Toys will do with the license, it’s a little disappointing that’s happening just as Mattel has made some significant strides with its DC Multiverse license. As we hit the home stretch, there’s several figures I’m interested in picking up including today’s review of Kyle Rayner.

Kyle was always a character that got a bad rap from a certain fanbase. Not because he was a terrible character, but to make him unique meant eliminating some of the core elements of the Green Lantern mythos. But for those willing to embrace him, Kyle was a great, layered character even before the return of the rest of the Green Lantern Corps.

We never got the classic Kyle Rayner in the DC Classics line and while the Multiverse version skews more contemporary, it’s close enough to fit in with the rest of the Morrison era JLA figures.

DC Multiverse Kyle Rayner figure review - Morrison JLA Superman, Martian Manhunter, Atom, Flash and Aquaman

Packaging:  I really like how the Multiverse figures stand out from the black and red color scheme of the Marvel Legends line. This would be even better of course if you could find Multiverse figures on the pegs, but the blue really pops against the green, black and white color scheme. I also like the comic art although in having it on four places along the package it would have been nice to get more than one drawing.

DC Multiverse Kyle Rayner figure review - package bio

The bios for the Multiverse line have been pretty solid as well explaining the figure’s specific timeline in the DC Universe with a quick description. It’s not fancy, but definitely gets the job done.

Likeness:  Like most of the Multiverse figures, Kyle uses a blank buck with additional sculpting as necessary. It’s a formula Hasbro has done for years with great success with Marvel Legends so I won’t knock Mattel for doing it here.

DC Multiverse Kyle Rayner figure review - ring close up

Kyle added some modern elements to his outfit with the curved gauntlets with wrist slits and knee pads and shin guards. The wrist slits are sculpted, which was a nice surprise since I wouldn’t have been too upset if the skin was painted on.

The crab mask has always been the defining element of Kyle’s outfit and it looks just as distinct as I’d like. Kyle’s hair sculpt is really well done as well with a slight Superman curl close to the right side of the mask. I want to gripe about the expression, but in most of the early Kyle drawings, he tended to be portrayed with that teeth-gritting look.

DC Multiverse Kyle Rayner figure review - action stance

Scale:  Kyle is just about the same height as the DC Multiverse Superman. At least his use of the smaller male bucks allows Superman to look more super. Still, it would have been nice for Kyle to be a tad shorter as well.

DC Multiverse Kyle Rayner figure review - with DC Classics John Stewart, Hal Jordan, Sodom Yat and Multiverse Jessica CruzThe real question is how the figure matches up with DC Classics figures. As is the case with all of them, he’s a smidge taller, but it’s not too terrible. And you can fudge his height some by slightly bending the knees.

DC Multiverse Kyle Rayner figure review - scale with other green lanterns

Paint:  For the most part the paint is really well done. The white in the outfit’s center is a good shade of off white without looking dull. There’s some slight fading with the black stripe, but I’m more impressed that the white didn’t have any issues.

I would have liked a more vibrant shade of green with maybe some sort of metallic paint used, but that’s a personal preference. Kyle’s hairline is the only area that needed more tightening up.

The difference with this costume and the classic Kyle look is the Green Lantern logo. Kyle’s original costume featured his distinct lantern off center while this one has a circle and a more traditional Lantern logo in the middle.  And the classic outfit had a wider gap between the logo top and the white was slightly further to the left. Those are minor differences however.

DC Multiverse Kyle Rayner figure review - with DC Direct Kyle Rayner

Articulation: There’s room for improvement, but the Multiverse line features the best articulation we’ve gotten from Mattel with their 6-inch DC figures. Kyle can hit most of the standard GL poses even if he can’t pull off the most convincing flying poses.

DC Multiverse Kyle Rayner figure review - taking to the skies

His gauntlets and shin guards restrict his movement somewhat, which hurts in terms of making the most of those joints. The neck seems like it has more room to allow for better back and forth, but is tight. I’m wondering if that’s something worth tinkering with as it would greatly improve his flight poses.

DC Multiverse Kyle Rayner figure review - fighting Mongul

I really wish Mattel had another year or two to crank out all of the major characters with this articulation scheme.

DC Multiverse Kyle Rayner figure review - vs sinestroKyle Rayner has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • biceps
  • elbows (double-jointed)
  • wrists
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • boot
  • ankles

DC Multiverse Kyle Rayner figure review - power blast and lanternAccessories:  Naturally Kyle comes with a ring-charging lantern. It’s different from the first Kyle figure, but has the same curved look to stand out from the other lanterns. He also comes with a burst of green lantern light. It’s not as fun as the constructs Mattel used for earlier Lanterns, but it’s better than nothing.

One area the Multiverse line shines over its Marvel Legends counterparts is the parts breakdown of the Collect and Connect figures. Kyle comes with both legs of the C&C Lobo. That’s helpful in making it easier to finish the C&C figure. Assuming of course you could find a Multiverse Batwing for a halfway reasonable price.

DC Multiverse Kyle Rayner figure review - inner tray

Worth it?  Kyle is right around the $20 to $25 range. Since distribution is so maddening, the best bet might be to just get him at a slightly escalated price point from Amazon.

DC Multiverse Kyle Rayner figure review - in air

Rating: 9 out of 10

With just a bit more articulation this figure would be perfect. I think there’s enough wiggle room to carve out more movement in the figure if you’re feeling a little bold.

DC Multiverse Kyle Rayner figure review - with power effect and lantern

Where to get it?  To avoid hassle and frustrating searches just go the Amazon route.